Welcome to Longrider Blog.

The pseudonym Longrider is a hangover from my BikeNet days when I wrote touring articles – they gave me the handle and it stuck as part of my web persona, so I still use it.

I’m still actively riding (BMW R1200RT LC and BMW F800GT) and particularly like riding in France and these days have gone back to my roots as a motorcycle instructor. I work on a part-time basis with a Bristol based riding school. Most of the time, though, I’m training and assessing for my rail clients.

As you will see, there is a focus on civil liberties and you may detect an underlying rage at the affront on those liberties over the 13 years that New Labour was in power. This is all the more galling for me as I once belonged to the party and believed in its principles. Be assured, that is no longer the case. All that said, there is also an underlying dry humour. Some people miss it. It was once pointed out by a colleague that my humour isn’t so much dry, as arid. So, if you miss it, that’s probably why.

Sometimes, I will talk about the cats that Mrs Longrider and I share our lives with and share a photograph or two.

Enjoy your visit to my blog and feel free participate. Please note that comments are automatically moderated after five days of inactivity and switched off completely after twenty days. This is simply an anti-SPAM measure as the slime balls set their bots to trawl old entries to attach their comment SPAM to. This is hoping that I won’t notice. I do and they can’t.