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Dear Barclays

May 18, 2024 Longrider 17

Following the difficulties I had with Barclays, I immediately took steps to change banks. That is now complete, so I thought it was time to […]

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There’s a Surprise

May 17, 2024 Longrider 9

ARC Vehicle has filed for bankruptcy. Arc Vehicle, the brand behind the Vector, used funding from Jaguar Land Rover in its initial start-up phase before […]

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Um… No

May 5, 2024 Longrider 7

Natural is better. Marks & Spencer will tomorrow introduce its first ‘bottom enhancing pants’ – a little like a Wonder Bra for the rear, the […]

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April 2, 2024 Longrider 5

I’ve never heard of these people, but I received a letter from them. Apparently they are doing research for Google. It’s called screenwise if you […]

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So Don’t Pay

March 27, 2024 Longrider 7

The Royal Mail are issuing counterfeit stamps then hitting the recipient with a £5 charge. Money Mail has been contacted by dozens of frustrated readers […]

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One Piece at A Time

March 14, 2024 Longrider 10

Little by little, the insane net zero scam is falling apart. Politicians are having to face the reality that you can’t magic something into being […]

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Zero Fit

March 13, 2024 Longrider 0

As an all year motorcyclist, I’m always looking at ways of keeping warm and comfortable on the bike during the winter months. For a couple […]

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Parallel Universe

March 12, 2024 Longrider 21

Reality and fantasy are colliding here. Petrol and diesel cars will be eradicated “long before” the current 2035 new combustion engine car ban in a major blow to […]

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Um, No.

March 2, 2024 Longrider 11

We know when someone is trying to sell us a pup. Drivers are shunning electric vehicles (EVs) because they are ‘scared of change’, according to […]