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February 21, 2024 Longrider 7

Or propaganda? You choose. Tonight’s Breathtaking episode depicts a doctor slamming the Government for not locking down earlier, in one of its most political scenes […]

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February 20, 2024 Longrider 6

The principle of out constitutional monarchy is that the monarch does not involve himself in politics. The late queen understood this. Her son appears to […]

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February 19, 2024 Longrider 20

But fair. This is the letter sent by a hard-hearted boss sacking a cleaner for eating a leftover tuna sandwich. Single mother Gabriela Rodriguez was […]

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What Have We Come To?

February 19, 2024 Longrider 6

Stories like this crop up from time to time. A couple was forced to rescue a trapped driving instructor from 4ft of floodwater while firefighters […]

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I’m Sure

February 18, 2024 Longrider 5

Drug induced milk is as good as the real thing. An NHS trust has said that breast milk produced by trans women who were assigned male at birth […]

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Jumping the Gun

February 18, 2024 Longrider 7

I wasn’t aware that Sir Kneelalot was the PM of Israel. Sir Keir Starmer has called for an end to the fighting in Gaza “now” as […]

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February 17, 2024 Longrider 16

Modern media outlets really are dreadful. Older drivers could be forced to retake driving test at 65 under new proposals Yeah… Er, no actually. Older […]

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Kingswood Reformed?

February 16, 2024 Longrider 19

No, not really. The outcome of both Kingswood and Wellingborough was predictable enough. Labour took both seats. Reform UK came in third with around 10% […]

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Actions and Consequences

February 15, 2024 Longrider 11

Are we supposed to feel sorry? Hamas‘ leader Yahya Sinwar did not expect Israel‘s retaliation to the October 7 attack would be ‘so dangerous’, a friend […]

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Currying Favour

February 14, 2024 Longrider 12

It does rather look as if Paul Currie has shot himself in the foot. A Jewish theatregoer who was hounded out of London‘s Soho Theatre by […]