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They Are

May 23, 2024 Longrider 1

The enemy within. “I urge our political parties and all those seeking our votes to pursue a campaign that is hopeful: to resist the urge to scapegoat […]

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And They’re Off

May 22, 2024 Longrider 13

So, July the 4th it is, then. Rishi Sunak kicked off the Tory General Election campaign with an attack on Labour’s economic credentials tonight, just hours […]

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May 12, 2024 Longrider 13

This is how you deal with these petulant spoiled children. Birmingham has become the first British university to threaten students with arrest or legal action if […]

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Why Indeed?

May 10, 2024 Longrider 2

Alan Rushbridger is either thick or disingenuous. The truth is that university chiefs around the world are currently terrified. They have witnessed the decapitation of […]

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Authoritarian Arsehole

May 10, 2024 Longrider 19

If in doubt, ban it. Lord Blencathra offered his ‘full support’ to the Bill before backing a call from Natural England chairman Tony Juniper for […]

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He May be Right

May 6, 2024 Longrider 15

Apparently Sunak’s claim is extraordinary. Rishi Sunak has conceded the Conservatives may not win the next general election, but made the extraordinary claim there would be […]

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May 6, 2024 Longrider 7

Those who demand should always be told to fuck off. Pro-Gaza activists have dramatically issued a list of 18 demands to Sir Keir Starmer and threatened to […]

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Court Islam

May 6, 2024 Longrider 4

Get Islam. The Green Party has confirmed it is investigating one of their new councillors after they were filmed shouting “Allahu Akbar!” and pledging that […]

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Spare Us

May 5, 2024 Longrider 4

Hadrian’s Wall was indeed an act of colonialism. Roman colonialism. Those Romans met their match with the Picts and built a wall to keep them […]