And you thought it was just for pets…

The following came to me from a correspondent on the Defy-ID mailing list:

A UK company has signed a deal to buy 9000 chips for implantation into humans. These will be used "for secure building access for government installations, educational facilities, and various identification applications."

In 2004 there have been similar news items regarding various countries, including a number in Latin America (security personnel), Italy (medical), and Spain (night-clubbers). But this, as far as I am aware, is the first such news item regarding the UK (not counting the Kevin Warwick stuff).


a) this tech has been used for dogs for years, and is increasingly becoming compulsory; and

b) work is underway on the development of mass-producible satellite-trackable implantable chips miniaturised to a similar size or smaller.

If you don’t find this disturbing, why not???????