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Edit Facility

June 4, 2008 2

I’ve just added a facility for folk to edit their comments should they spot a typo or have second thoughts about what they want to […]

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Quote of the Day

June 4, 2008 3

This from Dr Marta Gonzalez: It would be wonderful if every [mobile] carrier could give universities access to their data because it’s so rich, Words fail […]

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Labour at the Next Election

June 4, 2008 6

David Osler asks what happens to Labour after 2010? over at Liberal Conspiracy. Are there any Labour supporters reading this who are not already dreading […]

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The Official Line

June 4, 2008 0

According to Phil Woolas, talking about patio heaters: The official line to take is, when outside, wear a jumper. In the Longrider household, the official […]