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More Climate Bollocks

August 7, 2008 2

Mark Lynas is on a roll. Since this silly story hit the news yesterday, he feels sufficiently vindicated that he engages in yet another “we’re […]

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Blog Busting

August 7, 2008 0

The Guardian asks, which blogger would you like to edit? It’s generally accepted that altering content post-publication is a no-no, and doing it while posing […]

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Pompous Wanker Alert

August 6, 2008 5

Via DK – another Alex. This one is so far up his own green arse, he can lick his own tonsils. Of course, on his […]

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More on Alex Lockwood

August 5, 2008 9

Since Alex Lockwood’s somewhat unfortunate remarks yesterday, I notice some interesting comment has emerged. The Devil’s Kitchen, for instance thinks that I was harsh: Many […]

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AGW and Blog Regulation

August 4, 2008 6

If ever there was evidence that the green AGW lobby are nothing more than displaced Marxists who had nowhere to go when the Berlin wall […]

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Catherine Bennet on Dyslexia

August 3, 2008 4

Catherine Bennett lambasts the idea of changing examinations to suit dyslexic candidates. Ms Gadian, who is in her second year at the Peninsula College of Medicine and […]