It will take a while to form, but I have made a small start on my next novel (number 7). Number 6 – Resolution is currently out for proof reading and editing.

‘Rose’ picks up immediately after the events in Renegade. Rose Clancy has survived her dip in the harbour at Spanish Town as Kit and Henry make their escape aboard the Senorita and is now about to return to Nassau to take control of the Green Parrot again, only to find that she has been usurped.

Rose is ruthless, murderous, entirely self-centred and mercenary (but she likes her dog, so not all bad). There will be plenty of bloody murders in this one, a trail of blood across the Caribbean as she seeks revenge on those who have wronged her. I’m really not entirely sure why readers liked her, but they did, it seems.

Okay, so I have one page written, but every novel starts with an opening line… This time next year, I expect to have finished.