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Thirty Years On

May 4, 2009 Longrider 3

I recall the Thatcher victory as if it was yesterday. I wasn’t impressed and wasn’t looking forward to a Thatcher premiership. My initial reaction was […]

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We’re All Suspects

May 3, 2009 Longrider 6

Apparently, Jacqui Smith’s supposed climb down on gathering all of our communications information wasn’t actually a climb down at all. What a surprise… SPY chiefs […]

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Jolly Good

May 2, 2009 Longrider 5

The petition seeking the prime mentalist’s resignation is, according to Aunty, the top Number 10 petition: A call for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to resign has […]

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Corporate Manslaughter

April 30, 2009 Longrider 14

One of my colleagues drew my attention to this case today: The geotechnical firm which employed a man killed when taking soil samples from a building […]

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The French Say “Non”

April 29, 2009 Longrider 3

The French tend to have something of a reputation when it comes to saying “no”. Sometimes they are wrong-headed in so doing, which is why, generally, […]

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You What?

April 28, 2009 Longrider 8

Apparently Big Blunkett is now thinks ID cards should be scrapped. According to Aunty, that is and she never tells porkies. Former Home Secretary David […]

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Logical Somersaults

April 27, 2009 Longrider 3

Via the Devil’s Kitchen, I can’t quite make out whether this is a clever troll or a witless fruitcake… I have asked the Netherlands Interior Ministry […]