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Living in France

December 30, 2008 Longrider 3

I mentioned in an earlier posting that there is a distinct community spirit in our new home. We were reminded again of this yesterday. This […]

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Felix Domesticus

December 30, 2008 Longrider 5

One of the casualties of my recent hosting difficulties is Felix Domesticus. I have backed up the database, but for the moment it is off-line […]

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We’re Back

December 30, 2008 Longrider 2

Having gone through the grief of hurriedly re-hosting this blog, now, perhaps, is the time to explain just what happened. Just briefly, I’d like to […]

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Bye Bye Blighty

November 23, 2008 Longrider 21

As I write this, Longrider Towers is awash with boxes, full of possessions gathered over the past two decades. Slowly, the house is becoming depersonalised […]

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Secrets and Lies

January 11, 2008 Longrider 1

Every so often, the Groan’s Comment is Free produces an article that fails the twaddle test. This, from Richard Norton-Taylor is one such refreshing gem: Years […]

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4x4s and Reliability

January 23, 2007 Longrider 0

I watched BBC’s Breakfast programme this morning… Why do I do this? Is it a form of masochism? Anyway, the item that caught my attention […]

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The Old Sea Dog

October 6, 2006 Longrider 1

I’m feeling poetic today. The Old Sea Dog The old sea dog reflects on happier times;As the spume-tipped waves crash to the shore;He recalls far […]