Neil Clark; Super Turd

Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick! It is hard to find words to describe what can only be the biggest pile of excrescence yet published on the truly abominable Comment is Free

It seems the Iraqis in question live in real fear of their lives in their newly “liberated” country. Surely, this can’t be right. Weren’t we told five years ago by the same pro-war bloggers that the Iraqi people were simply baying for a US/UK invasion, and that the “liberators” would be greeted with bouquets of flowers and cucumber sandwiches? Now the cakewalk brigade is telling us those who collaborate with – oops, sorry, work for – the liberators may not actually be the most popular guys and gals in town.

The interpreters did not work for “us”, the British people, but for themselves – they are paid around £16 a day, an excellent wage in Iraq – and for an illegal occupying force. Let’s not cast them as heroes. The true heroes in Iraq are those who have resisted the invasion of their country.

For the record, I was opposed to the war and I still am, but the decent, honourable thing to do is to look after those who help you – no matter what the situation.

Reading this pile of virulent shit from a modern day Lord Haw Haw makes my stomach churn in utter disgust. The only quisling here is the despicably repulsive and evil Neil Clark.

H/T Chicken Yoghurt.


  1. Sorry, submitting this via the form as I can’t get a comment posted.

    Thanks for your support, but the best way to hurt this disgusting man Clark -and it will hurt him- is to write to your MP and request a change in policy. Links are below.

    As a blogger, it would be great if you’d put a post up asking your readers to do that, and then put a second post up (yes, I know I’m asking a helluva lot) giving the MPs’ replies. So far every single letter written has led to MPs contacting the relevant Ministries: Defence, Foreign Office and above all the Home Office. This could work.

    Talking points for a letter to MPs can be found on my site:
    Help with researching your MP is here:
    Tim Ireland has a campaign video here:
    Justin McKeating is keeping track of MPs responses here:

  2. Dan,

    No problems – I’ll put one up later today. As regards posting on the comments; did you complete the challenge question as that is usually the reason that people cannot comment?



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