Auntie Sinks to an All Time Low

Various news outlets have carried the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand affair. While I have generally been indifferent to Ross (occasionally finding him mildly amusing) Brand is so puerile that nothing he says is amusing. Consequently, I tend to avoid anything with him in – I caught a part of his Saturday evening show not so long ago and regretted it.

So, in the wake of them stepping over the mark that is acceptable in public service broadcasting – and one does have to wonder how it took so long for that mark to have been acknowledged – what now? The sack?

I’m inclined, I think, to go along with the Landed Underclass who feels that rather than sack two rather poor broadcasters, we should disestablish the whole shebang.

I do not demand the sacking by the BBC of these two individuals. I demand the disestablishment of the BBC, which will have the effect of sacking not only them but also those who resemble them, and those who believe that demonstrating that ‘celebrities’ are above the law by setting them at random on an inoffensive elderly actor, for whom the BBC presumably has no further use, is a reasonable application of tax payers’ money.

As taxpayers paying for this trash, we are the employer, so sacking the lot of them should be within our jurisdiction. There was a time when those who argued the public broadcasting case had a point; the BBC was a cut above, it provided a service with quality programming that would not necessarily be commercially viable. I was a child at the time. This is no longer the case. The BBC is as trashy, cheap and vulgar as the other channels with which it competes. Except, that is, it competes unequally. The commercial channels do not have access to that pot of gold wrested from viewers’ wallets under threat of a hefty fine.

Of course, if the Beeb were to become commercial, even more programmes would be stuffed full of adverts to annoy me. But, then, as I watch so little of the BBC’s output (filled as it is with PC nonsense and propaganda on everything from knife crime to AGW) I probably wouldn’t notice the difference.


  1. Whatever the woman in question gets up to is her business and her business alone (though some people will make snide comments being in a band of that nature – check the photos under ‘Voluptua’!) and making comments like that is well out of order. In fact my MP has been spewing forth on the TV all about it. Ross in particular is at fault here – the perviness he displays to female guests makes me cringe.

    That said I think there is a case for funding parts of the BBC through the state and leaving other parts as subscription only. The crap people have to pay to watch these days is insulting, frankly.

  2. At least with commercial TV one knows when the ads are going to appear. With the BBC there’s no such regularity or certainty.

    It makes a hell of a mess of my tea-making schedules.

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