The Hidden Claw

Nefertiti is seventeen now. It seems but a blink of an eye when she was but a bitty kitty and here she is, the grand old dame of the tribe.

The other day we noticed that she had a swollen paw. This is a serious matter as it is her favoured swiping paw. Being an older cat, she has difficulty fully retracting her claws these days and when we looked closely we could see that one had grown forward and into the pad, so it must have been painful.

What followed certainly was. We grabbed hold of her –  well, I grabbed hold of her while Mrs L carefully trimmed the claw so that we could remove it from the pad (this is the long story short version). This was bad enough and we have the wounds to prove it. However, as a small abscess had formed, this needed draining. For a cat that spends much of her time craving attention, this attention was as welcome as a bowl of cold sick on top of a shit sandwich.

Anyway, we are all licking our wounds, the paw is now back to its normal size and swiping has resumed. The disreputable old baggage is determined to grow old disgracefully.



  1. The still-lamened Hermann (7.5 kilos of stripey killer) took a long bloody scratch out of the vet when he was 15-&-a-bit ……
    Hexadecimal will be eleven on May Day …..

  2. Ouch! Our Siamese boy is very gentle, but we still took him to the vet when he got a ‘turned in’ claw! More because I didn’t trust myself with the clippers than anything else, though.

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