1. I seem to remember a fair few bloggers, yourself included, when the story first broke, mentioned Cromwell in the context of ‘at least we’ve moved on since the seventeenth century’.

    Looks like some haven’t moved quite so far after all; that being so, it is perhaps worth remembering that the same century gave us several notorious witchcraft trials.

  2. Interesting, though, that they originally took the unusual step of concreting the body in place, ostensibly because of rumours of gold-diggers. Almost as if they knew something was going to happen.

  3. Hardly. It is a relative of Savile’s who is asking for this to be done and the reasons are practical and understandable. For as long as Savile is buried there, the grave will act as a magnet for anyone weak-minded enough to want to scrawl offensive slogans on any nearby surface. Clearly neither Savile’s relatives nor anyone else who has relatives buried there wants that. Exhuming Savile and cremating the body seems the simplest way of avoiding the situation. Perhaps if we didn’t have a chav mob that is ready to riot at the drop of a paedophile it wouldn’t need to be done. But we do and so it does.

    • Perhaps you should read the article more thoroughly. Savile’s nephew said that he doesn’t object. He wasn’t the one seeking an exhumation. That we have ignoramuses does not justify enabling them.

      • The next time a chav mob attacks a paedatrician in the mistaken belief that she is a paedophile I would prefer that we fire upon the mob with Maxim machine guns. How’s that for enabling the ignoramuses?

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