Owen Jones, Idiot

This series almost writes itself as Jones is the idiot that keeps on giving. Here, he complains about the BBC and the “far right”. Also, there’s nothing the left deplores more than when one of their pets goes rogue and someone from an ethnic minority goes off-message.

The far right is on the march, and it is being legitimised and enabled by parts of the mainstream media. The shambolic interview of Raheem Kassam – sidekick to Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage – by the BBC’s flagship Today programme was a striking case in point. This champion of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (or as he calls himself, Tommy Robinson) – a man whose convictions include fraud, assault and contempt of court – was allowed to present himself as a legal expert. His link to the far-right Breitbart website was not mentioned.

When idiots such as Owen Jones use the term, “far right” what they actually mean is people who disagree with me. Bear in mind, the British left is now so far to the left that what was once the middle ground is being seen by these people as far right. I certainly haven’t moved. What has moved is the Overton window. People they deem far right are usually rational people who can see through the lies and distortions, not to mention the vile authoritarianism and dhimmitude of the left. I despise the left because I despise authoritarians. Jones would, doubtless refer to me as “far right” yet I am not of the right nor of the left, I am in the centre ground – always have been – and simply deplore everything he stands for.

His claim that there was “nothing far-right about us” was not challenged,

So? When some idiot goes on there peddling cockrot derived from junk science telling us that we eat too much of the wrong thing or drink too much, this isn’t challenged either. Meh. Get over yourself already.

…despite his sympathy for banning Muslim immigration, or his response to Sheffield’s lord mayor banning Donald Trump from the city: “What is it with these Muslim mayors that as soon as they get power they start acting like fascists? Oh right yeah sorry that’s Islam …”

I see absolutely nothing unreasonable about these comments, for they reflect a truth. The Mayor of Sheffield is behaving like a nasty little fascist – which, frankly, is what the left do when they get a whiff of power. And, yes, this is built into Islam which is an authoritarian ideology. His behaviour was reprehensible and he is a disgrace to the low office he holds, much like that nasty piece of work Khan in London.

There is nothing wrong with limiting immigration – especially from countries where the culture is so alien to our own and people who will not integrate. Multiculturalism is merely a euphemism for ghettos and ghettos are deplorable. Come to this country? Accept its laws, culture and traditions and abide by them and integrate. Want to turn it into a facsimile of the third world shithole you just left? Well piss off back there, then. As for Islam, it is a totalitarian religious and political ideology bearing with it an incompetent, misogynistic legal code – so referring to it as fascist tends to show a greater understanding of the term than those who march through the streets calling Trump one.

His repeated use of the term “cultural Marxism” – a far-right trope with antisemitic roots

Ah, yes, wheel out the racist card. It’s what these charlatans do when they have no real argument to make. Marx was a thoroughly nasty man. A lazy parasite who complained about the bourgeoisie while sponging off them. He gave the world nothing of any good and plenty that was evil. So, the term cultural Marxism to describe what we have been witnessing is a valid term and Owen Jones is not only an idiot, but by peddling this evil is, himself, evil. History has shown us the spawn of Karl Marx’s ideas and they are without exception pure, unadulterated evil.

The ascendant far right is, in part, the creation of a rightwing press that has spent years spewing venom about Muslims and immigrants.

Ha! Tell that to people who have been harassed in places like Tower Hamlets for being Kuffirs. Tell that to people who no longer recognise their own country because the place they live in has been invaded by a foreign, alien culture, where they no longer hear their own language as they walk along the highway. The rise of the “far right” has little to do with the legacy press and much to do with ordinary people reaching a tipping point and one or two who are prepared to put their head above the parapet and actually say what many are thinking.

…academic research suggests media coverage drove support for Ukip.

Even if this statement were true, so what? Is the media to be used by the likes of Jones to suppress political parties that do not meet with the approval of himself and the fascists of Momentum? Rhetorical question – of course that’s what it means. Jones and the scum who think like him do not approve of democracy – for it is only democracy when they win. When they lose, it’s fascism or some conspiracy on the part of the media. Anything other than the fact that ordinary people have seen them for what they are and have rejected them.

With Yaxley-Lennon out of prison, the far right has its Oswald Mosley figure and is at its strongest across the western world since the 1930s. If significant parts of the media continues to normalise and mainstream the far-right menace, it is up to the rest of us to defeat it.

Sez the Wolfie Smith of our age. The people who attended the freedom of speech marches were not “far right” they were ordinary people motivated by the repeated attempts on the part of the establishment to silence them. What happened to Tommy Robinson was appalling to anyone who believes in the rule of law and it’s just execution. And it is right and proper that the media reports impartially on political movements – even those that Jones dislikes. The menace he is so worried about is a reversion to the more traditional British values, not some Nazi dystopia. But, then, Owen Jones, idiot. What more to say?

Timmy also comments.


  1. “With Yaxley-Lennon out of prison, the far right has its Oswald Mosley figure”

    Hmm now let me think….a peer of the realm, Winchester educated, brave to the point of recklessness in WW1,injured fighting, unlawfully detained as a political prisoner for years (using that time of internment to catch up on his reading of Classical literature…no doubt in the original Greek), an elected MP who was prepared to ‘cross the floor’ on matters of principle, described by his contemporaries as ‘strikingly handsome. He is probably the best orator in England. His personal magnetism is very great‘ and on the other hand, we have, a gobshite from Luton who lost his job as an Aircraft Mechanic for drunken violence and now owns a sunbed shop.

    Tough choice.

  2. If “media coverage drove support for UKIP” it would be because the coverage is so progressive left that those who are heartily sick of the narrative and the media bias against UKIP decided that UKIP might be OK.

  3. “…media coverage drove support for UKIP.”

    How far from reality is it possible to get? I never heard anything positive about UKIP from the old media. Politicians of all shades are known to put their feet in their mouths on a regular basis. UKIP members were no different but every single example was yelled through a megaphone by every single old media outlet. Farage was constantly derided as an ignorant oaf as was anyone who agreed with him.

    Oh I get it. It was the media’s constant tsunami of lefty crap that drove us into the arms of UKIP, that must have been it.

    • Bear in mind that we are dealing with Owen Jones here and he is a congenital idiot. 😉 Oh, and the academic research is likely to be the usual case of the findings fitting the prejudices of the researchers. i.e, junk science.

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