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Pay for a selfie?

She’s made millions climbing the showbiz ladder from Coronation Street to Dr Foster, but Suranne Jones isn’t too proud to join the ranks of celebrities taking cash for autographs and selfies with fans.

The star of Gentleman Jack – the BBC drama about a 19th Century lesbian landowner which was cancelled last week after just two seasons – is topping the bill at a convention where fans will have the chance to ‘meet and greet’ her for £80.

Yeah, right. No, absolutely not.

The appearance of Ms Jones, who is worth an estimated £3.6 million, is a sign, say observers, that even the most successful actors have come to recognise the need for financial security after the havoc wreaked by the pandemic.

Quite apart form the complete sacrifice of self respect involved, there’s this. A multi millionaire claiming poverty. I lost around ten grand due to the government’s reaction to covid and my earnings are around the equivalent of minimum wage, so being lectured on financial hardship by someone who is worth more than I’ll earn in a lifetime doesn’t really wash. Or to put it another way, if I was worth that, I wouldn’t need to prostitute myself for £80 a pop. Not that I do now, of course.

*Yes, I know ‘worth’ isn’t the same thing as cash, but with that level of worth, you can liquidate assets into an income if necessary.


  1. As well as generating immediate cash, these fees could possibly set a monetary value on the Ms Jones’ time/presence which would enable her to claim pro rata tax relief for any time spent making public appearances for registered charitable organisations. (If so, it is to be hoped the money would go to the charity but, given the charges, I wouldn’t be holding my breath.)

    It’s a pretty tawdry business, given that the fans will already have paid at least £120 to attend the convention, some of which will will have gone towards her no doubt substantial appearance fee.

  2. I just don’t get the cult of celebrity, there is but handful of celebs i’d not cross the road to avoid nor urinate in their direction should they be ignited, the few i would instead thank them for the sheer viewing pleasure or good sense views they’ve given over the years.

    Among the handful are Peter Hitchens, David Suchet (for Blott) and Charles Dance.

  3. This is quite similar to former movie or TV cult “celebrities” with a fan following attending events where they sign photos and memorabilia, granted, they have lost most of the income stream coming from steady work. Comics have a similar thing too.

    I once paid twenty bucks to see William Smith (Falconetti) live and get his signed photo. What a guy! Best TV and movie bad guy psycho actor ever!

  4. It’s a bit grubby I grant you, however the economics is sound. Ms Jones’ time is a scarce resource and presumably she’d rather do meet & greet sessions with real fans rather than opportunistic selfie grabbers.

    Queue up or pay up – these are the only two ways of deciding upon who gets access to things with limited supply. But I’m sure most readers here are also regulars over at Tim’s place so I’m probably preaching to the choir.

  5. Never heard of her. She should remember that the fans she is exploiting can turn in a moment. Celebrity is very fragile, particularly in today’s woke climate.

    I guess if people are stupid enough to cough up they’ve only got themselves to blame.

  6. And then there are failed pollies and their lecture circuits, at a bit more than 80 notes a pop.

  7. I’ve been to see the Carl Palmer Band and afterwards Carl Palmer just hung around in the venue chatting to fans. He was selling autographed drum skins but I don’t think that they were very expensive, he didn’t charge for his time.

    I’m another person who doesn’t really get the whole celebrity thing. The only person that I ever asked to sign something was swimmer Becky Adlington.

    • I’ve got a book that was autographed by Douglas Murray but then as far as I’m concerned Mr Murray is someone who is beyond a mere celebrity but instead is someone worth admiring.

  8. Glad the programme has been cancelled. It’s tosh made up to suit the weird times we live in.

    • People pay £80 for her picture or whatever, They can do so at their hearts content as far as I’m concerned.

      However, I’m still contributing to that woman’s existence through the license fee which I’m forced to pay. That is what I object to.

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