Theft – An Update

I took an hour or so out of my morning to trundle down into Bristol to sort out the unclaimed assets. There were two accounts involved; one in my name and one in joint names with the late Mrs L. As it was, it only took a few minutes and I was walking away with a cheque for just under ninety quid. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the principle is what matters here. I did not consent to money being taken by a quango set up by Snotgobbler Brown to be used for ‘good causes.’ So I made damned well that none of it gets into their greedy, grubby, thieving little fingers.

Quite apart from the principle here, there is another issue that was raised in the comments of the previous discussion. The thieving bastards have seized £1.6bn and given out to ‘good causes’ a mere £892m. The rest presumably being used for things like admin and paying fat cat salaries. Fat cat CEOs don’t pay themselves, you know.

Well, not with my money they don’t.


  1. I imagine you had the same warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction as I did when I got round to opening a credit union account to remove some money from my bank (no more greedy than the others, but making obscene profits nonetheless, and offering next to no service).

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