Fuck Off

The Ginger spare can do one, frankly. I am heartily sick of hearing from him and his harridan. Seriously, why don’t they just fuck off and shut up?

Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Netflix documentary today unleashed a series of incendiary claims labelling Britain a ‘racist’ country – and linking the debate over Brexit to racism and ‘horrible views’.

Bollocks. The man is a cretin. It had nothing to do with racism. It had everything to do with ridding ourselves of an unelected, unaccountable elite. As for horrible views, has he listened to his own lately? Every time this man opens his mouth, I despise him a little more.

In one segment, Harry says the Royal Family has ‘unconscious bias’, and is ‘part of the problem’ when it comes to racism in Britain.

Fuck off. You may have drunk the woke aid, the rest of us haven’t and we are sick to the back teeth with this claptrap. It’s fairly obvious Markle underestimated the role she married into. Okay, fair enough, they decided to walk away. But no, they couldn’t do that. They want the trappings of royalty without the commitment and are sniping from the side-lines with increasingly poisonous attacks. Now they are moving on from attacking his family, they are going after the rest of us. Well, go fuck yourselves you toxic narcissists.

Lengthy segments are also given to academics Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga who say British tradition is ‘filled with racist imagery’ while discussing the country’s colonial legacy – and call anti-immigration sentiment in the UK a ‘cipher for race’.

A pair of professional race grifters and outright liars whom no one in their right mind would take any notice of.

So, I repeat, fuck off. Time for the king to remove their title frankly.


  1. I wonder what Markles said when she discovered that Harry once went to a party dressed as a Nazi SS Officer

  2. That’s not even the best bit. Wait until she finds out that Harry isn’t even a legitimate Prince, but instead the bastard child of his mother and her Polo instructor.

  3. But, but, Me-Again isn’t even coloured – well not in the context of racists such as that deeply upleassant Furlani or the Abbotamus. Compared to them she’s the light side of café crème.

  4. “British tradition is ‘filled with racist imagery.”

    Well duh, so is everybody’s effing tradition. Racism only became generally unacceptable over maybe the last 150 years or so. The US had segregation into the 1960s ffs. Do they know anything about how the Spanish and Portuguese treated Native Americans? Ignorant pillocks.

    • 150 years? I’d put it much later than that. I’m 73, I learned to read with books like Little Black Sambo and rhymes like Ten Little N***** Boys. And the nuns (I went to a Catholic school) asked us for donations for the piccaninnies” in Africa. The race relations industry didn’t take off properly until the 60s or 70s.

      * That’s what they call their babies in Africa: piccaninnies. Yes, everywhere in Africa. 😉

  5. I must admit, I had some pleasure during the whole run up to the Brexit vote.
    Chatting to people about it and being accused of being racist against Eastern Europeans.
    It was fun watching their heads explode when I pointed out that my wife is in fact from Eastern Europe.

    Obviously there can be no other reason for being in favour of Brexit than racism, right?

  6. I’m bored to the back teeth with all this race bullshit.
    As for ginger and his mrs, i don’t blame him one bit wanting to be out of it, so just walk away live your lives in peace and be glad to be away from it…ah but we want the money the goodies the property the titles as well as destroying the firm that made us, they have much in common with our govt of WEF lackeys who are intent on destroying everything that was good about our country, Klaus must be overjoyed.

  7. “Obviously there can be no other reason for being in favour of Brexit than racism, right?”

    I know that I’ve probably said this before but I thought that the proposed restrictions on the power of kettles was like a tiny window on the whole problem. An unelected bureaucrat, that I didn’t vote in and can’t vote out, wanting to interfere with my purchasing choices. Someone who is ignorant of basic science that I learned in primary school. But yeah, it must be that I’m racist.

  8. During the referendum campaign I was volunteering on Vote Leave stall when a passer-by stopped to chat. He explained that he wanted to stay in the EU and would be voting Remain because Europeans are white and it is the blacks that we’ve got to keep out of Britain.

    But it was me and the others on the Vote Leave stall who were the racists, of course.

  9. I know that such plebian entertainment as Strictly Come Dancing is beneath the notice of most here but my family and I watch it. It is surprising how diverse the finalists tend to be each year,considering how racist Britain is supposed to be.

    • Yeah, we are so racist that all the usual race mongers in this vile programme are in comfortable middle class jobs earning the kind of salaries the people they are insulting can only dream of. Scum, the lot of them.

      • I’ve never been aware of any race mongering going on, the subject is never mentioned, which is how it should be. My point was that, many of the pro dancers are foreigners, a few have been black. The celeb dancers come in different skin shades and sexual orientations. Part of the scoring is based on public votes. If we are all so racist why don’t all the foreigners and ethnically varied people go out in the early rounds?

        • I think we are at cross purposes. I was talking about the Netflix programme and Hirsch and Olusoga. I’m making the same point as you. If we are so racist, how come we accommodate them in comfortable, well paid jobs?

  10. Ah, I wasn’t aware of anything on Netflix.

    Thinking about Harry and Megan, they are a bit of a sad case really. In their situation, most of us would see ourselves as being set up for life. I personally would be able to have pretty much everything that I could want, all without any kind of daily grind. Them, because they crave an excessive lifestyle are forced to prostitute themselves supposedly by spilling the beans on the evil goings on within the British Royal Family. I don’t suppose that it will be long before the whole world is sick of them and then they will be screwed.

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