EVery, Very Frightening

Fuck EVs frankly.

A terrified electric car driver has revealed he was kidnapped by his runaway £30,000 MG ZS EV after the vehicle suffered a ‘catastrophic malfunction’ in a bizarre case which forced him to dodge red lights and roundabouts before calling police to ram it into their van.

Brian Morrison, 53, claims he was heading home from work at around 10pm on Sunday when his new Chinese-made fully electric car began driving itself at 30mph.

Unable to use the brakes, the Glaswegian – who runs his own social enterprise – called police who stopped the vehicle by allowing it to slowly crash into their van.

I don’t know why the brakes didn’t work, but a manual ICE engine can be stalled. I’ve not had a runaway with an auto ICE but, I suspect that the brakes would still stop the vehicle and putting it into neutral would probably work.

Did I say that I will never buy and EV?


  1. Once again some mug suffers the net zero fantasy of self-absorbed ignorant politicians. They’ll rush us towards it and it means nothing to the bastards how many die as a result: in fact, from their standpoint, the more the better.

  2. How did this piece of chink shite get homologated for use on UK roads?

    The general uselessness of milk floats and the incendiary nature of the batteries is intrinsic to the technologies being abused in an attempt to make them look like actual cars.

    I’m prepared to accept that this might be a one off, but if one suddenly “runs away” I would want a pretty damned all embracing investigation to find out exactly what had been overlooked, either in the design or the maintenance (which, as a fairly new vehicle it should not have needed much of). He did end up having to ram the incendiary into a police van, and fortunately in didn’t Hindenburg.

    I’ve very suspicious of these things generally. Why do they seemingly need constant software updates (and why the fuck would that be a selling point!? – probably says a lot about the arseholes that buy them) and how can such software can be complaint with the very strict requirements for functional safety that should be applicable.

    Does the testing regime – fine for cars – not properly extend to cover the additional and very serious dangers intrinsic to these things. It looks like fire brigades are learning on the hoof and insurance companies are catching on too.

    Christ on a bike, what an absolutely intergalactic clusterfuck these accursed things are!!!

  3. The more problems that come to light the better seeing as the government want to inflict them on all of us. Hopefully their proposed ban on ICE cars will become completely untenable.

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