Terminally Stupid

Was there ever a campaign group more aptly named than Plane Stupid? One of these little wankstains decided to pull a stunt earlier this week and glue himself to the prime minister.

Today, the Guardian gives this self-righteous little poltroon a column in its ever more ludicrous comment is free, thus cementing its reputation as a mouthpiece for the extreme lunatic fringe of the envioloony movement.

With a team from Plane Stupid backing me up, I put on my second-hand suit wearing a device in my pocket that was linked up to an anonymous Skype account on a computer in front of the team. At 6.15pm Brown came out into the audience to shake our hands. I knew what I was about to do as I squeezed the superglue into my left hand.

I grabbed his arm, and started to deliver my speech. This is what I started to say as I superglued myself to his arm before the PM tore my hand away from his suit.

If I could have continued talking to my captive, here’s what I would have said:

Frankly, you arrogant, self-righteous little wanker, who gives a shit what you were going to say?

I can’t say that I have strong feelings one way or the other regarding more terminals at Heathrow, but if unpleasant little fuckers like Dan Glass and his egregious bunch of moronic cronies are against it, then on balance, it is probably a good thing.

Worrying, though, the lack of security surrounding the PM. If some half-witted little shit-for-brains like Dan Glass can smear superglue over his sleeve, just think what could happen if a really determined attacker wanted to do him real harm, eh? Someone with half an ounce of competence, that is.


Update: Courtesy of TheNuclearOption commenting on Dan’s little ego trip, I am drawn to his profile:

Dan is a freedom fighter organising with Plane Stupid Scotland, AirportWatch Scotland and Workers Climate Action and with popular education programmes to tackle climate change around the UK.

A freedom fighter!?! Clearly the entry requirement for freedom fighters has been lowered somewhat. As TheNuclearOption says, can I stop laughing now? What a hubristic little wankstain.


  1. Freedom fighter !!!!! Why doesn’t he piss off to Iraq, to do his freedom fighting. Tosser.

  2. MW

    When I read your post I misread “wankstain” for “Wankistan” and assumed that Glass was trying to garner Gordon’s assistance in getting representation for this hitherto little known oasis of democracy on to the United Nations Committeee on Human Rights.

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