BNP Support Rises

Apparently, the idiot Hain is crowing that he was right regarding Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time.

Peter Hain says his fears have been proved right after a poll suggested support for the BNP has risen after Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time.

A YouGov poll in the Daily Telegraph suggests 22% of people questioned would “seriously consider” voting BNP.

The Welsh secretary said: “The BBC has handed the BNP the gift of the century on a plate and now we see the consequences. I’m very angry.”

Setting aside for a moment the freedom of speech issue; whose fault is this? Hain might do well to reflect before holding the BBC solely responsible for this state of affairs.

Which major party in government decided to turn the UK into a series of ghettos (h/t DK) in a cynical attempt to undermine their political opponents and thereby alienate their core vote? Not the BBC. Who, precisely, supports the UAF, an organisation that uses violence rather than discussion when faced with opinions with which it disagrees? These were the people who indulged in violent scenes outside the BBC on Thursday night showing themselves for precisely what they are; a bunch of vicious thugs. They make the BNP look reasonable in comparison. Well done to the major politicans who support this evil organisation. Who, exactly, went along with what Nick Griffin accurately described as a lynch mob on QT last Thursday? It wasn’t the BNP.

Nick Griffin may have made himself look foolish with some of his replies, but balanced against the hostile panel, host and audience in a format that avoided the issues of the day in favour of something reminiscent of the school playground, he looked positively reasonable.

Had these idiots engaged in rational and calm debate rather than hysterical screeching, they might have exposed Griffin for the arse that he is. As it was, they made themselves look like a bunch of nasty thugs, unable to put together a logical argument and it worked out pretty well for the BNP. They like to play the underdog, and the Beeb, Dimblebore, the panel and the audience handed it to them on a plate.

Well, Hain, you got not only what you predicted, but entirely what you deserve.


  1. Err, did you not notice the sh!tkicking that Straw (equally deservedly) got – far more unpleasant than anything directed at NG, just that Straw’s not quite as incapable of handling it…

    (and if that Telegraph piece has even an element of truth, I’m the Pope. Actual NuLab immigration policy was ‘impose tight rules, enforce them harshly, then panic headlessly when the lists reached ludicrous lengths and let everyone in’ – that’s consistent with incompetence and fear of the tabloids, which coincidentally also explains their other policies, and not at all consistent with ‘organised plot to create ghettos’. I’m guessing Neather will start a job at some Tory quango shortly…)

  2. XX (and if that Telegraph piece has even an element of truth, I’m the Pope.

    Comment by john b — October 24, 2009 @ 13:13 XX

    I was at school, in the fifth and sixth form common rooms with these prats that are now “running” the country. Believe me that is EXACTLY what they were calling for at 16 to 19 years old. So why should anyone dissbelieve the report?

  3. XX What, all of them? Colour me ’sceptical’.
    Comment by john b — October 24, 2009 @ 13:26 XX

    That is what ALL of them were calling for. I have no reason to believe any other school was different at the time.

    The fact that what Incapability Brown and his gang of non performing parliamentary apes are doing, is virtually WORD FOR WORD what the idiots in the sixth forms and colleges were proposing, AND that most of those prats went into, or ended up in “Government” jobs or commy/labour politics, then draw your own conclussions.

    But for me it is a obvious as a brick in the teeth.
    .-= My last blog ..Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/23/2009 =-.

  4. You implied you were at school with all of the current Labour leadership. This was obviously untrue.

    Based on your revised claim – I’m surprised that all of the idiots at your sixth form proposed running a state where databases were viewed as primary tools in ensuring public order, where the taxes from unsustainable growth in a deregulated financial services sector were used to fund both the existence of an unemployable underclass and lucrative contracts for private sector donors to the governing party, and where short-term policymaking was based on trying to attract favourable tabloid headlines.

    At my school, there were assorted idiots with a wide range of political views, but I think pretty much none of them came up with anything like the above.

    (or: “if you believe the government are an incompetent bunch of idiots, which you do, and that they’ve messed up everything else they’ve tried to do, which you do, then why would you assume this was the one policy area where what they’ve achieved is exactly what they intended?”)

    edit: Ah, “Gates of Vienna”. Say no more. Yes, the Muslims will all slaughter you in your beds. I’m currently in a city containing 3 million Muslims; I’ll be shocked if I make it through the night…

    .-= My last blog ..A quick note on free speech =-.

  5. The BNP should try to bar Peter Hain from appearing on TV and on the grounds that Hain is a racist. Hain voted to invade an Arab country on the basis of doctored intelligence reports and a pack of lies. A million Muslims and Kurds died as a result. In contrast the BNP always opposed the invasion . Ethnics killed by Peter Hain and friends: a million. Ethnics killed by the BNP: none. It’s pretty obvious who the racists are.

  6. I certainly do not think Nick Griffin is the proper leader for the BNP. The central point that the BNP is making is that mass immigration to Britain must stop. His past opinions on a variety of matters including the holocaust and the fact that the BNP is limited to those of primarily indigenous British Isles background is limiting its appeal.

    Since most native Britons want to stop massive immigration and oppose state mandated multiculturalism, the BNP should not have to have someone like Griffin as their leader.

    I think the BNP went up in the polls because angry minorities were screaming at him and everyone was so smug in condemning him for wanting an end to mass immigration. People might not like Griffin but on the issue of immigration, he is the only one saying what the people think and that is that British people don’t mind minorities but they don’t want to be a minority in their own land. Identity is important.

  7. The BNP have opened the debate on immigration, that we must be grateful for.

    Immigration impacts every aspect of our lives, with more negatives than pluses.

    We do need some selective immigration to enhance skills, however changing the face of Britain beyond recognition is a crime.

    I will vote BNP but want Labour to win the next election, because Labour should be made to sort out the mess they have created!

  8. I don’t – because they won’t. They don’t even recognise they have created a mess. They are the most bonkers lot of people who have ever been in charge if this country, and if they aren’t utterly humiliated at the next election we’re sunk.

    Not that the Tories are likely to do all that much better – but ANYONE will be an improvement on Labour!

  9. Nick Griffin seemed to be the only politician on question time who was speaking the language of the common man in Britain today. How can we, the public, be expected to trust the main political parties who have collectively played a part in starting the war in Iraq, had a hand in the banking crisis, and then there’s the expenses debacle. The immigration situation is a disgrace and the BNP seem to be the only political party willing to talk about it. They will probably get many votes and I may end up being one of them for the first time ever…


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