Oh, That’s All We Need

Following yesterday’s discussion about obesity and the falling out among the control freaks who think that what we eat is any of their damned business, I see that the mockney twat has waded in with his wisdom.

The TV chef and food campaigner added: “This whole strategy is just worthless, regurgitated, patronising rubbish.”

“Any of us could walk into any primary school in the country and find plenty of eight-year-olds with more creative solutions to these problems. It’s a farce.” He called for the government to make real change and then legislate and finance it.

This worthless, patronising celebrity really should engage his brain before opening his mouth. The government doesn’t have any money. It is our money that they take from us by force and then use it to finance repressive legislation passed for our own good.

Besides, just because he is a chef who has made a mint out of mildly interesting cookery programmes, it doesn’t bestow upon him the authority to lecture the rest of us about our eating habits. It’s none of his damned business, frankly, and I’ll be damned if I will be forced to eat according to saint Jamie of Oliver’s diktat. Tell you what, old bean; you stick to making mildly interesting cookery programmes and butt out of the legislative process and I’ll continue to give your programmes a miss and cook the way I like to cook. And if you do want to get involved in all that legislation and start to boss us about, I suggest running for parliament. Then, at east, you would have a smidgen of authority on the matter. As it is, you are an unelected, hectoring bossy boots with no remit whatsoever.


Update: While we are at it, here is Oliver’s article on CiF. Enjoy…


  1. Jamie Oliver is a fat tongued, patronising, arrogant CUNT of the CUNTIEST POSSIBLE CUNTNESS. He makes me want to lay waste to civilisations. I feel physically sick when he appears on the TV. He is, in short, a CUNTING CUNTER OF A CUNT!!!

    Aaaaaand…. Breathe!

  2. Starship Fighter – well, he doesn’t get to me quite that much. Indeed, his programmes are, as I said, mildly interesting. However his campaigns get right on my tits.

  3. It’s Oliver who is spouting rubbish. The last thing we need is more legislation. Education and advice is fine. A collective punishment via a tax is not fine. The health Nazis are frustrated but Lansley is talking sense.

  4. I recall watching a programme last year when he was in America snivelling into his beer (I think it was beer) because he had heard some trailer trash utter the word “nigger”. What did he expect? What did it have to do with cooking? What was the point?

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