The Control Freak Speaks

Jamie Oliver –  yes, he –  is once again wading into rampant control freak territory:

TV chef Jamie Oliver has said Education Secretary Michael Gove is endangering pupils’ nutrition by not controlling what food academy schools provide.

Now, I do not hold  torch for Gove, but perhaps, just perhaps, there is something lurking in the dark recesses of his psyche that understands what Oliver does not –  it is none of his business. It is a matter for the school.

He said he was “totally mystified” that academies were allowed to determine what food should be on offer, while state schools follow strict rules.

Well, if we are going into totally mystified territory, I’m totally mystified why such things should be strictly controlled at all. It is a matter for the school providing the meals to decide –  or, perhaps the catering company, or perhaps the parents and governors, or  a combination of these. Not the state and not Jamie Oliver.

“The public health of five million children should not be left to luck or chance,” he told the Observer.

It is not a public health issue. Cholera in the water supply is a public health issue, this is not. And, as I said, nothing to do with Oliver, and nothing to do with the state.

The government says it trusts schools to act in their pupils’ best interests.

Good Lord! Can we roll that radical idea out into other areas, please?


  1. Why should parents be left free to choose what their children eat. It should not be left to fate or chance. The lives of millions of children depend on this.

    Fat mockery authoritarian wanker.

  2. Let me say this in defence of Jamie Oliver – his restaurants are quite good. They provide nice food in a reasonably good environment.

    Quite why this, and selling vast swathes of cookery books at Christmas because no-one can think of what else to buy someone, means he is qualified to talk about politics is beyond me. He is like a shaved ape being allowed to use a human loo for the first time. He kind of gets what it is about, but when he tries to use it, he just sprays forth irrelevant and unpleasant shit everywhere.

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