Phone Data is the New DNA

When the police investigate a crime, it is reasonable for them to follow up all relevant leads and these days, mobile phones can provide a source of information that may damn or redeem the suspect. Indeed, had they used this evidence when investigating Sam Hallam back in 2004, he would never have got to court, let alone spend seven years inside for a crime he didn’t commit because his phone confirmed that the wasn’t there.

However, as is usual, they cannot help themselves from abusing the facility.

The Metropolitan Police has implemented a system to extract mobile phone data from suspects held in custody.

So far, so good. They are investigating a crime. I wouldn’t have a huge problem with that if the information was to demonstrate my innocence. Nothing to worry about, eh?

The data includes call history, texts and contacts, and the BBC has learned that it will be retained regardless of whether any charges are brought.

Fuck me, but they just can’t help themselves, can they?


  1. “Fuck me, but they just can’t help themselves, can they?”

    Well yes, as long as we keep letting them they’ll keep Shittin on us, won’t they?

  2. It’s like the mutually-contradictory position taken on photographers.
    There are STILL cases of people taking pictures being hassled by ignorant and stupid and arrogant cops – often the “Plastic Plods”
    Meanwhile, the excellent Andy Trotter (Head of Brit Transport Police) has publicly stated that he welcomes photographers, since they can provide valuable evidence.

  3. Data retention such as this is in breach of our written constitution – the Declaration of Rights says it all.

    The police are supposed to defend our laws and abide by them, not abuse us in breach of the law. They ought to lead by example.

    Why do we pay our servants to do anything other than serve us?

    Winston Smith

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