No, It Isn’t

Arse dribble:

Chris Brewis said giving children too much fast food is child abuse.

He added that is was a “form of cruelty”.

It is nothing of the sort. Chris Brewis is a nasty little jumped up statist. What parents feed their children is none of his damned business. And, of course, he gets a dig in about alcohol. Just another jackbooted authoritarian. Is there no end to them?



  1. But think of the CHIIIIILDREN…

    Unfortunately there is a lot of this about, especially amongst Councillors.

  2. It is interesting to note that what is deemed good for us changes over time. I just turned 54, when I was a kid the objective seemed to be to feed us up to make sure that we didn’t grow up undernourished. Despite the kids’ jokes, school dinners were mostly good wholesome fare but what I remember most were the milk puddings and things like jam sponge and custard. Such things presumably had tons of fat and sugar in them, yet I’m still alive and not overweight.

    • Jam roly poly and spotted dick, yup, I had those, too. And I’m still here, still slim and still eating what I damned well want to eat, despite the puritans’ constant screeching.

      • Semolina with jam, whipped into a frenzy so it all went pink; and it was GOOD!

        Some called it frog spawn pudding, but I quite liked Sago.

        And that was just the pudding, we had beef, pork and lamb for main meals, with the trimmings, roast potatoes, carrots cabbage peas etc. Just look at what the little shavers get now!

  3. WHat is good for a child may not be good for an adult & vice versa.
    These idiots don’t seem to realise this.
    Also, it varies with metabolism – I’m naturally fairly thin & stringy, for instance ……

  4. Posters here will no doubt be pleased to learn that last night I abused my one year old son by feeding him a biscuit.

    Could someone please call social services as he is obviously at great risk.

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