The Thin Skin of the Religion of Peace

What we see in the recent bomb plot is the naked nastiness that lies at the heart of Islam. An intolerance towards any and all criticism.

Six men who planned a terror attack on an English Defence League rally were reacting to “calculated insults” made by the group, a court has heard.

There you have it –  “insults” are to be rewarded with carnage, because these Neanderthal scumbags cannot hack a challenge to their primitive, medieval and barbaric belief system.

And, before anyone comes breezing in here accusing me of the faux charge of Islamophobia, may I remind you that there are plenty of people who regularly insult Catholicism for example. Do we hear Catholics engaging in bloody retribution because their belief system has been insulted? No, of course not. Christianity has undergone an enlightenment, something that Islam has yet to do. And, frankly, any charges of Islamophobia will be treated to the acid response and contempt they so richly deserve. There is no such thing as Islamophobia.

Sure, there are millions of Muslims who do ignore the more bloody exhortations at the heart of their religion, but the fundamentalists are still there, ready to impose their detestable beliefs on those who refuse to submit. Fundamentalist Christians on the other hand may well make a bit of a noise, but that’s about it.

Joel Bennathan QC told the court the men’s plan was a “reaction to the activity of the EDL”.

He said: “The EDL stage rallies in what they perceive, rightly, to be areas with large Muslim populations. They are intimidating when they do so.”

“They are obviously and very deliberately insulting to any Muslims. One doesn’t need a degree in theology to have spotted the fact that to a Muslim a personal insult to the Prophet Mohammed is a very serious matter.”

“They are intimidating, they are insulting and they are provocative.”

I don’t give a flying fuck whether these arseholes are insulted or whether they consider an insult to their pathetic prophet is a serious matter or whether they find it intimidating (taking bombs and guns to a rally is intimidating, frankly). Freedom of speech is far more important than their thin skins or their stupid religion and their vile prophet.

Islam is evil. That’s about all that can be said of it.

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  1. A phobia can be defined as an irrational fear. Well I do not think there is anything irrational about being frightened by people who are happy to murder all those who do not follow their religion.

    Thanks to the idiotic Warsi, what the hell is a minister of faith anyway, and a bunch of the politically correct and/or cultural relativists we continually see this made up charge of islamophobia. The problem for these people is that it is very hard to examine evidence when you live with your head stuck up your ass.

    Islam is a dangerous religion, not because they are all maniac terrorists but because there is a sufficiently large amount who are happy to kill and maim in the name of their religion and Warsi and her chums cry foul every time even the mildest academic criticism is made.

    The easiest way to completely polarise the situation and have an even bloodier dispute between the terrorists and the far right is to deny people the right to criticise in a rational way. I believe the majority of Muslims in the UK abhor violence as much as we do but until they speak up and accept that criticism can be made of their religion, as it is of every other religion, we will see more and more supporting the violence of the far right as they are some of the few that have the balls to call a spade a spade and, it appears, the only ones willing to stand up to the threat.

    Sorry about the lengthy rant but this is a subject which really gets me going.

    • I thought the definition of phobia was an irrational fear; hence arachnophobia (irrational fear of spiders), agoraphobia (irrational fear of open spaces). For that reason, the term โ€œhomophobiaโ€ makes no sense at all โ€“ unless you really mean irrational fear of self, or of sameness โ€“ and, given the events over the past decade, the fear of Islam is most definitely not irrational.

      • While it is possible that there are people with a clinical phobia regarding homosexuals or Muslims, the likelihood is so low as to discount it. The reality is that both terms have been constructed to silence dissenting voices. There is no such thing as homophobia and Islamophobia. As a consequence, I refuse to give them any mileage – just as I treat anyone who says “check your privilege” with the utmost contempt.

        • That was the point of my aside – “homo” means self or same: Homo sapiens – “self aware”; homogenise – “make the same; uniform”; therefore, “homophobia” means irrational fear of self, or sameness. There is no sexuality in “homo”, it is a prefix. An irrational fear of homosexuals (if such a condition does actually exist) would have another prefix to the “-phobia”; alas, my Greek is not up to that standard.

          For those who insist on bandying such banal badinage about, give them this quote: “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.” For this is their intention; to group disparate people into one homogenous bundle, with the intention of ridiculing and marginalising.

          The quote is from a person who had a certain amount of popularity before becoming a figure of terror – Adolf Hitler.

          • Indeed. Hence this nonsense about black communities and Muslim communities and so on, when the reality is that skin colour or religion is the only similarity – otherwise, they are disparate individuals and should be treated as such.

  2. Our masters in the West seem more concerned about what the plebs might do than what the Muslims in our midst do do. The ‘official’ reactions to ‘Boston’ and ‘Woolwich’ have been mostly about calming non-existent reactions rather than addressing the problem. And the problem is Islam.
    The so-called moderate Islam is a figment of non-Muslim imaginations and an insult to true Muslims. A bit like wishing for a ‘moderate Christianty’ that discards the ten comandments and ‘love thy neighbour’.

    If we believe in democracy, if we believe in free speech then we have no option but to agressively make the case for those beliefs and to challenge Islam. One can argue theoretically: how can anyone sensibly argue that the Koran was created by a ‘divine’ being when it so clearly is part rip-off and part a jumble of contradictory tripe, or one can argue practically: there isn’t a single country under Islamic governance where its people can be said to be well-off. But then we live in an age when our politicians believe nothing and words like ‘tolerate’ have their meanings changed from ‘put up with’ to ‘positively accept’.

  3. I note Chief Supt Usher proclaiming himself ‘astonished’ at how the community in Woolwich had reacted calmly and with peaceful dialogue after the murder.

    Why? I mean, surely he really believes the ‘Religion of Peace’ the police have to spout? So why be astonished? That’s like being astonished that water’s wet..

  4. Let’s get this right Mr Defence Counsel an insult to an imaginary sky pixie is a serious matter? Only to people who believe really in the imaginary sky pixie is it a serious matter, to the rest of us it means bugger all. Why do they even pander to these peoples grievances?

  5. Jim S
    The so-called moderate Islam is a figment of non-Muslim imaginations and an insult to true Muslims
    Tell that to sufis (like one of my neighbours)
    Islam is a RELIGION: & they are all like that, always, apart from people like the Quakers in christianity, also exceptions to the rule ….

    All religions kill enslave & torture, & are based on blackmail – or hadn’t you noticed?

  6. Given how they came to be caught it appears that some adherents of the “Religion of Peace” has something of an objection to Car Insurance too…
    TTFN ๐Ÿ˜›

      • “coming to our country”

        If this person thinks that Afghanistan is “his” country, why is he in Australia? ๐Ÿ˜•

        • Well, quite. He wants the best of both worlds. Notice he also talked about “our” women, as if they are chattel. Oh, yeah, this is Islam we are talking about – misogynistic, primitive, barbaric and vile..

      • Pig ignorant scum. And if Australia is fourth on the list behind their imaginary sky pixie, why don’t they fuck off to some third world shit-hole more conducive to their primitive beliefs?

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