An Authoritarian Step Too Far

Charlotte Gore on the nasty attempts by the bansturbators to ban smoking in private vehicles.

What could be more irresistible to eager, go-getting politicians than finding something to ban?

Take your pick. The bastards are always seeking something to ban, regulate or otherwise restrict – our lives not being our own in the tiny minds of these scumbags. The private vehicle is just that; private. However, the precedent was set many years back as Dick reminds us. Having put their toe in the door, they will keep pushing – and yes, your home is next. The state will encroach into every corner of your life, bashing everything and everyone with its big ban stick. And if you think you are immune, because you do not smoke – think again, for they will come after what you eat, what you drink and given half the chance, the air you breathe and the thoughts you think. The monster is never sated, for there is taxpayer’s money to be snuffled and the sewage slime who feed off it need to keep finding a justification – the politicians who enable them will puff themselves up and pass more unwanted and un-needed legislation to stifle yet another of our freedoms.

These people are evil – pure, unadulterated evil.

This prohibition would control the behaviour of free, non-criminal adults in their own private space, and represents the very first step in a process that’s likely to make our own homes the legitimate jurisdiction of politicians keen on improving us by any means necessary.

And that should send a chill down your spine. If it doesn’t, you haven’t been paying attention. God, but I hate these vile people.


  1. Intrusion into your home? “Smart” meters anyone?

    What is depressing, what is so truly, truly depressing is how many people gleefully go along with nazi shite like this. Presumably in the truly bowel shatteringly stupid belief that it won’t affect them.

    But in a world of big brother and the X factor should us old farts really be that surprised.

  2. “A country that seeks to control the private life of non-criminal adults is not one I want to live in”

    A double dose of weasel wording there – it’s not the country that seeks to control anything, it’s the government. And “non-criminal”, so as long as the government declares people criminals first, that’s OK?

    Plus, hasn’t she noticed what paper she’s writing for, The Guardian’s a cheerleader for totalitarian authoritarianism.

    • Charlotte is well aware of what she is doing – taking the fight into the heart of enemy territory. And we get to see the foul, festering fascist fuckwits foaming at the mouth when given a dose of liberalism.

  3. I heard about yet another fake charity on the radio this morning. Active UK I think it was called, millions of people are risking an early death by not taking enough exercise. 1984 here we come. Actually, I think that we’re probably already there.

  4. Oh dear the evidence provided by this learned article shows up the bansturbators for the quasi-fascist, ignorant busybodies they are. I hope, if and when this legislation is applied, that it will be comprehensively ignored. Mind you, I suspect that motor insurance companies will welcome this legislation since it will provide another reason to refuse payouts on the grounds that the insurance contract should not be enforceable (as being “against the public interest” or, anyway, against the interests of said companies) by anyone involved in an accident who was, effectively, in the process of murdering a passenger under the age of 16.

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