The righteous are shocked! Shocked, I tell you.

There are “shocking” amounts of sugar in some hot drinks sold in High Street cafes, a campaign group has warned.

Action on Sugar analysed 131 hot drinks and found a third contained at least as much sugar as a can of Pepsi or Coca-Cola, which contains nine teaspoons.

The charity said in some of the worst cases the drinks contained 20 or more teaspoons of sugar.

So, a fake charity that sucks on the taxpayer’s teat has discovered something to campaign about. Well, whodathunkit. Parasite finds host story…

The charity found that 98% of the drinks tested would receive a red nutritional value label for high sugar content.

They are not a charity,  they are a fake charity.  And my shockometer isn’t even twitching.

So, are people dragged off the streets into Starbucks and forced to drink this stuff? No? Well, non issue, then.


  1. I jut saw this on SkyNews. They had half a dozen coffees from well known high street chains, all with between 20 to 26 spoonsful of sugar claimed as part of the contents. BUT….. They were extreme end frothy, creamy coffees with all the added syrups etc, or “specialist” drinks – no “normal” (Americano / Flat white / etc) coffee in sight:

    “Starbucks’ venti (pint-sized) Grape with Chai, Orange and Cinnamon Hot Mulled Fruit was found to have the highest sugar content – a total of 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving.” See? That’s not something you’d grab on the way into work everyday. And the real surprise is that fruit has sugar in it.

    “Its venti White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream had 18 and Signature Hot Chocolate had 15.”

    And this following the Shocking headline:

    Up To 25 Spoons Of Sugar In Cafe Hot Drinks – A third of the drinks tested had the same amount or more sugar than the nine teaspoons in a can of Coca-Cola.

    What a disingenuous bunch of cunts.

    • Addendum: I went through the list of drinks tested. To start with, they were all “Large” sizes and the coffee ranked least (spoons of sugar) at 3 was a Costa Mocha Cortado.

      As I thought: “normal” coffee doesn’t feature anywhere. “Normal” sizes are not used and the least worst drink they could pick has “Mocha” in the name.

  2. Am I hearing kids telling their parents to stop drinking coffee and start drinking coke – “It’s healthier!”?

  3. I understand that these are some of the prats who recently campaigned against salt. I will have an extra spoonful of sugar in my coffee tonight.

  4. Starfucks or Costalot? Tough choice!

    Never been in one unless desperate. Overpriced crap for people with more money than sense. Carry a thermos flask or go home and out the kettle on,,,

  5. Yeah nevermind that most people who go into Starbucks just buy an Americano or Cappucino… let’s make out that everyone is being poisoned by the exotica

  6. I’d have got the popcorn in had these prats called themselves Action on Sugar/Salt and Health. ASH, that other ‘charity’, wouldn’t have taken kindly to their brand being hijacked, no sirree – despite having done just that in their campaign to introduce plain packaging for tobacco.

    PS Sorry – OT

    • Jay, I think they did – kind of. In their earlier manifestation, they called themselves “Consensus Action on Salt & Health,” i.e. CASH. Which is so clearly a copycat name of their “heroes” that it’s pathetically laughable. No imagination, these nannies, that’s the trouble

  7. I’m starting a campaign group “Action on nannying busybodies”. Wonder if I can get state funding…

  8. My thought on hearing about this was to ask why the MSM think that this is news. Action on Sugar have come out and said that X has too much sugar in it. Well yes, Action on Sugar is an organisation that is paid by the Government to say that stuff has too much sugar in it, so this is sort of what you would expect isn’t it?

    @Ted Treen
    You’ll need a name that works well as an acronym first.

  9. As always, The Daily Mash has nailed it:

    “THOSE incredibly sickly drinks you like have sugar in them, it has emerged.

    There are up to 25 sugars in popular chain cafe drinks like Starbuck’s Syrupy Chocolate Bucket Drink, which account for its overpoweringly sweet taste.

    Doctor Emma Bradford said: “Sugar is closely linked to sweetness, and in fact the sweetness of a thing increases in proportion with how much sugar is in it.

    “Sugar is ‘hidden’ in cafe drinks by being dissolved into them using a stirring process. It’s very devious and you wouldn’t guess it was there apart from the drink being so sickly it almost makes you vomit.

    “Businesses deliberately don’t list sugar as an ingredient, but look out of for things like ‘chocolate’, ‘marshmallows’ or ‘sugar-based syrup’. These all have sugar in them. It’s confusing I know because they are not themselves ’sugar’, but try to get your head around it.

    “Bottom line is, if something is so sweet it feels like your jaw is going to melt, that’s an indicator of sugar.”

    Starbucks fan Mary Fisher said: “I would not have ordered that chocolatey, creamy tankard-sized drink had I known this. Corporations are so cunning.””

    • Who is stupid enough to drink this muck? The researchers of course, they have nothing better to do, as they are not capable of holding down a propper job!!!!!!!

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