Excuse Me?


But Surrey Police has been blasted after local force Elmbridge Police suggested residents have sympathy for the travellers on social media, writing ‘imagine how upsetting it would be, being uprooted every few days’.

Imagine how it feels to have a bunch of feral, parasitic criminals descend upon your village – who help themselves to whatever isn’t nailed down, who dig a hole in the village green to tap into the water supply that you are paying for, who use the local area as an open toilet. And who, when they finally deign to depart, leave you with the mess to clear up.

Fucking Hellski!

Our local council put ramps around the area they use here to stop vehicles gaining access. Good. Travellers may choose to travel. It does not confer any duty on our part to enable them or to provide them with free accommodation – not least given the increase in crime and their disgusting mess. And, no, I do not feel any empathy. I do feel empathy for the local residents who are having to endure their presence.

If we evidence a criminal damage then we would act. But can’t usually. You say upsetting to endure, consider for a second, how upsetting it would be, being uprooted every few days. That’s why we always act in the best interests of all parties with proportionality and legality.

Okay. Fair enough.

They plumbed into the cricket pitch water supply and created a giant puddle of mud on the once immaculate sports field and parked caravans and vehicles around the perimeter.

I believe this is what’s known as theft and criminal damage. Unless they have generously agreed to pay towards the water supply and have consent from the cricket club to dig up the pitch?

The police are warning us to lock everything up as they’ve had reports of an increase in bike thefts.


Selva Kumar, who runs a local convenience store, told MailOnline he was planning to close his shop early after being targeted for shoplifting by traveller children.

‘They’ve come in several times as a gang and while some buy stuff, others steal stock like chocolate from the shelves. I’ve got no idea how much they’ve taken.



  1. This is appalling virtue signalling from the police of Elmbridge. The officers who have made this statement have shown whose side they are apparently on, and it’s not the taxpaying and law abiding local residents.

  2. “If we evidence a criminal damage then we would act.”

    Pants on fire!
    In our area these people break the law with impunity because they know that they can. In every case when they turn up there is, at minimum, trespassing and fly tipping. On the local paper website, comments are always universally hostile but entirely truthful. More recently, any items about their activities have had the comments disabled. Maybe this sympathetic copper should invite the travelling community to camp on his front lawn if he is so worried about their well being. If he did, I don’t suppose it would take him long to learn the reason why everybody hates them.

  3. Travellers really are complete oxygen thieves, they add not one, minuscule, positive contribution to society.

  4. I’m often embarrassed by fellow officers. Why don’t they just say nothing instead of being deliberately annoying to the residents? The gypsies will eventually leave the area but the decent people won’t and they will have long memories.

  5. If they need permanent camps they are NOT F***ing “Travellers”!!! If I choose to travel around the country there is a perfectly legal method – I buy a caravan or motorhome, and make use of the myriad sites (large & small) provided by fellow owners, and larger commercial outfits.

      • Or if they don’t want to do that, they could always set up their own sites (as above) – BUT FOLLOW PLANNING RULES LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!

        • In our rural area someone claiming Romany background (nothing more than background) bought a plot of agricultural land at auction. He then installed a mobile home, a caravan, a shipping container and both water and sewage treatment plants.
          Since then he was told that he needed to apply for planning permission which was refused. He has now appealed and the (probably) expensive professional adviser is talking about Human Rights and Traveller Rights – why didn’t he just follow the rules in the first place?

  6. Not sure which needs culling most: senior pernicious plods or the thieving anti-social parasitic (yet protected) shites. Maybe simultaneously would be best.

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