Gab has produced a neat little extension that enables people to comment on any article published on the interwebs. The mainstream press are already doing hit pieces.

Gab, the social network of the far right, has extended its free-speech platform with a tool that allows users to bypass “rampant corporate censorship” and comment on almost anything, the company said Tuesday.

Called Dissenter, the new service lets users comment on news articles, YouTube videos and even individual social media posts — even if those sites don’t have comment sections or have comments switched off.

Because allowing free speech is far right, these days.

For example, movie review website Rotten Tomatoes announced that it was switching off comments on the new Captain Marvel movie this week, over concerns that trolls planned to leave negative comments following remarks by the film’s star Brie Larson.

However, Dissenter users are already giving their opinions on the movie and Rotten Tomatoes decision.

“When Captain Marvel was first announced, I was happy that we were finally getting a female-led superhero in the [Marvel Comic Universe], but then, Brie Larson opened her mouth with her anti-white male tirades and the promotion for the movie itself was clearly taking a feminist approach,” Gab user Andrew Sparling commented.

They really hate it. People are giving wrongthink opinions. The attempt to silence people has been undermined. This is a good thing.

Get dissenter and comment on those Owen Jones opinion pieces that have comments disabled. They will hate you for it.


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