1. VAT on sanitary products actually contradicts the unwritten rule that the tax would only be applied to luxury goods. So it is an open and shut case that it should be abolished. The reason why it hasn’t been has to do with the EU. so, unless you voted leave girls, I’m afraid my sympathy has run out.

    It isn’t just the dangerous jobs that women don’t do. Many jobs are pretty unpleasant too. We don’t get calls for equality when it comes to laying in the mud under a digger changing a burst hydraulic pipe.

    • I think you confusing VAT with Purchase Tax, which was abolished in 1973.
      The EEC intention was that VAT would apply to everything but the UK applied exemptions to food, books, childrens’ clothes and fuel.

  2. Like one comment says, I canna understand a wuurrd he says. And it’s not my bloody audio, either…

  3. If you look carefully, you might catch a glimpse of your humble Devil and Squander Two, giggling madly, in the audience… 🙂


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