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That Conundrum

December 30, 2019 Longrider 11

I generally avoid the gun debate because it tends to get so heated and irrational – and I have no particularly strong feelings on the […]

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Time to Disband

December 30, 2019 Longrider 4

The online hate crime unit is pretty useless at best, downright Orwellian at worst. Britain’s first police unit for tackling online hate crime has brought charges against […]

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By the Sword

December 28, 2019 Longrider 20

Jolyan Maugham is a deeply unpleasant man – possibly more unpleasant than his fellow remainer, John Bercow, and that’s quite an achievement. Like the thoroughly […]

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Quite Right, Too

December 28, 2019 Longrider 2

The poison dwarf isn’t getting a peerage. John Bercow has become the first Speaker in 230 years not to be offered a peerage after he finally […]

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The Time Assassin

December 25, 2019 Longrider 5

“Tell me about the ghost in the bell tower?” The child asked. His mother sat beside him and placed her arm around him. “Well, legend […]

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December 24, 2019 Longrider 8

So, with Brexit underway and the threat of Poland leaving, now there is pressure in Spain to leave. Spain’s far-Right Vox party is under pressure […]

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Owen Jones is a Wanker

December 23, 2019 Longrider 5

Nick Lawrie sums up Jones. Pipsqueak is pretty mild, frankly. But, yes, Owen Jones really is a wanker. #owenjonesisawanker

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I’ll Pass

December 22, 2019 Longrider 19

Modern interpretations of classic works tend to irritate me at the best of times. This looks like it will be no different. The BBC plans to rewrite […]

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Slammy Dunk

December 22, 2019 Longrider 6

Well, he’ll be a shoo-in. David Lammy today sets out plans to foster a new “civic nationalism” based not on skin colour, religion or ethnicity but […]