1. This video is truly truly chilling. It’s obvious that the only book that is being investigated is one that is critical of Trudeau, other political books that may have been published during or close to an election but which are not critical of Trudeau seem to be being left alone.

    Rebel News must be causing problems for the leftist authoritarians who now control Canada for the authoritarians to start to use the law in this way to try to shut Rebel and Mr Levant down. This looks to me like naked political harassment of an opponent, something the Left in its various guises has become quite adept at.

    I was staggered at times in this video by the arrogance of these investigating officers most especially when they refused to elaborate to Mr Levant as to what the nature of the complaint or who the complainant may be. Even when I was arrested by Sadiq Khan’s goon squad for mocking a high profile Muslim activist with a Pokemon meme, the filth at least told me about the nature of the complaint and who made it. Mr Levant doesn’t even get that.

    When I look at videos like this I fear that the Left will make things a whole lot worse before hopefully things get a bit better.

  2. Wow, just wow. Please make sure for us, LR, that you catch the second part of the video to put up on your blog for those of us who do not subscribe to RN.

    It seems the abolition of free speech in the western world is high on the agenda of our globalist elite rulers.

    I rarely donate to these requests, but this, along with Peter Ridd, is an exception.

  3. Franz Kafka wrote a book about this. No-one believed that the situations he described therein could ever happen. Meet ‘The Trial’ in real life.

  4. Not to go all Godwin, but those two NPCs were just exactly the kind of rule-following bureaucrats that kept the trains to Dachau running.

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