You Didn’t

Write it.

The ghostwriter who worked with Millie Bobbie Brown on her debut novel has revealed the writing process the pair followed, saying they used Zoom and Whatsapp to bring the book to life.

The Stranger Things star, 19, has been criticised by some for using a ghostwriter to help pen her debut novel, with some saying both of their names should appear on the book’s front cover.

Yeah, right. The ghost-writer did the work here. Some vacuous celebrity didn’t. Writing a novel takes a bit more than sending messages on WhatsApp. You have to be able to craft your story, build worlds and learn how to write prose and dialogue in a way that is digestible to the reader without jarring.

In short, it takes effort. Getting a ghost-writer in and sending them ideas on WhatsApp is not writing a novel. Having Millie Bobbie Brown  on the cover as the author is a lie, it should read Kathleen McGurl because that’s who wrote this book.

Under the blog post ‘A new departure’, the writer, who lives in Dorset, revealed she’d been asked by her agent some time ago ‘if I would consider collaborating with a celebrity writing a novel.’

Given that the whole thing is deeply cynical and is using a celebrity name to cash in, I’d have flatly refused. If they want to write a novel, then let them knuckle down and do it themselves.

In the meantime, ‘Recovery’ is now complete and out for beta reading. I expect to publish shortly before Christmas. And, no, it ain’t ghost written. It does have ghosts in it, though.


  1. No worries, her target audience are mostly illiterate and apparently paying for thing you want from s shop has gone out of fashion.

    It’ll be in the bargain bin, next to Harry Halfwit’s moronic ramblings, a couple of weeks after release.

    Btw, who is she?

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