They Are Still At It

Insane predictions.

Travel as we know it could be on the brink of extinction by 2040.

Destinations such as Majorca and Greece could become too hot to handle, with travellers ‘chasing the shade’ and choosing holidays based on cooler and safer destinations that are not ravaged by climate change.

Rising temperatures will also mean that destinations such as Lapland will struggle to maintain their snowy allure, and ski seasons will become shorter than ever.

Low-lying destinations such as the Maldives and Jakarta will be nearly fully submerged by 2050 due to rising sea levels, something that also threatens destinations such as Venice and Amsterdam.

According to these lunatics, the Maldives should already be submerged, yet the sea levels remain stubbornly consistent. Much like the nutter on the street corner screaming that the end is nigh, these crazies are still giving us absurd predictions – every one of which has so far failed to materialise . These, too, will not come to pass. Yet people believe these serial liars, charlatans and grifters.


  1. Venice has a super flood defence system, been put in place over the last 20 years just for such a situation. Comes into use if there is a particular high tide. So at least they are safe.

  2. These predictions are broadly the same as the ones being made thirty years ago, all this stuff was supposed to have happened already by now. UK was going to have a Mediterranean climate so that people would be flocking here for their sun drenched holidays. Surely only those who are too young to remember the last round of failed prophesies will believe them this time around.

  3. I remember being scared shitless in First School in the early 80s about a new Ice Age, even though I didn’t actually know what it meant. At 8 or 9 my fear was of Woolly Mammoth and Sabre Toothed Tigers!

    Now I just ignore everything “climate” related.

  4. I can’t help wonder why these doomsayers of flooding and mass drownings, all buy beachfront properties? Who will move in to the beachfront of Lahaina in Hawaii when the debris from “the natural disaster” had been cleared away, I may hear you ask? Perhaps their names start with an “O”, or a “C”

  5. Around 12,000 years ago, the location of Venice was about 250m inland. When glaciers melt, sea levels rise, back then, there were meltwater pulses that drove sea level rises at about 40mm/year. At the end of the Last Glacial Maximum, sea levels were 120m lower than today, they have been rising uninterrupted ever since though at a low rate at present. We are supposed to believe that for 19950 years or so, sea levels rose 120m entirely naturally, but in recent decades they’ve risen a few centimetres due to human CO2 emissions.

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