Superstitious Morons

Face nappies are the modern equivalent of wearing garlic cloves to ward off vampires. The magic charm you buy from a witch doctor to see off evil sprits.

The new Covid variant Pirola is now spreading ‘in most regions in the UK’, with experts urging people to start wearing face coverings in indoor public areas again – and thousands of Mirror readers agree.

Fuck off, the lot of you. They do not, never have, and never will, have any effect whatsoever on the spread of an airborne virus. The use of masks is a triumph of propaganda over both science and common sense. A triumph of credulous idiocy that I would have hoped we left behind with the middle ages, like the persecution of black cats and hanging witches.

In our poll Do you think face masks should be reintroduced? a sizeable 8,374 of you said yes, with 5,023 voting against a return.

That’s 8,374 moronic fuckwits.

The Pirola strain is a multi-mutated and highly immune system evasive type of coronavirus fast becoming the most dominant in the UK, with positive cases doubling almost every few days in recent weeks. It has been confirmed to have more than 30 mutations, making it difficult for experts to analyse and is already on the World Health Organization’s watch list.

We are heading into the winter season, respiratory viruses tend to do that as we get into winter. Give it a scary name and the idiots all want to wear stupid, pointless ineffectual face nappies to make themselves feel better. Moronic fuckwits.

Symptoms of the variant – officially titled 2.86 – have so far been listed as a high fever, cough, blocked or runny nose, loss of taste or smell, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.

Fucking Hell, run for the hills.

Doctors have already confirmed that tests show no evidence the mutation is any more contagious or deadly than other strains.

So fuck all to worry about and no need to wear a stupid mask that does nothing other than show you up for being a gullible fool.

I will not, under any circumstances, wear one of these things. Ever.


  1. I work part-time in a branch of a well-known DIY retailer. Two customers came to my till, obviously a middle-aged couple. Both were wearing masks, over their mouths and chins, leaving nostrils uncovered! When they paid the woman took bank-notes from a plastic bag and helpfully informed me that they had all been sanitised. I had to put their change into another plastic bag “To be sanitised later” I was told.
    As they left the shop I told them, “You realise that I have handled each and every one of your purchases.”
    The look of consternation on their faces made even my supervisor snort in scarcely concealed amusement!

    • An amusing story, Steve. Sometimes the mind boggles at how stupid some people are.

      Part of me wishes that they *do* bring mask rules for places such as shops and public transport. I would like to see the jobsworth bastards try to stop me boarding a train or entering a shop. I’d just lie and claim I’m exempt.

        • As did I, but it always felt like a cop out; using their stupid rules to dodge it was still playing the game. Next time I think I’ll just tell them to grow up or fuck off.

          • I just said, ‘I don’t wear them’. I got refused from B&Q, and one time in Tesco when they decided to enforce it for a week or two. That was it.
            I can actually remember two occasions where people following me into shops with masks on, took theirs off after seeing me

      • I just said ‘I don’t have to wear one’. I was only ever once refused entry and that was at a McDonalds.

        I have been asked ‘What is it you have that means you don’t have to wear one?’ I then said ‘Sorry, Who are you Dr Who?’ ‘I’m not a Doctor’ ‘So what makes you able to decide if my reasoning is valid or not?. Is there a Manager or a Doctor here?’ ‘It’s OK. You can go in’ ‘Thank you’ These people don’t want the hassle and are scared of complaints so they lose their job. When they are put in that position it is animal cruelty.

  2. The receptionists at my local health centre have taken to wearing masks again. It takes all my self control not to tell them what fuckwits they are.

  3. “It has been confirmed to have more than 30 mutations”

    One vaccine to rule them all,
    One vaccine to find them,
    One vaccine to bring them all,
    And in the darkness bind them.

    (With apologies to J R R Tolkein).

    Don’t tell me … they have already developed a new, super dooper vaccine to make you safe from all these new, recently discovered variants. Clever buggers, eh?

  4. It’s mutating into a highly infectious cold virus as was predicted. We live side by side with bloody cold viruses and influenza all the time. God save us from these idiots

  5. I haven’t seen any being worn on the Tube for ages, but on yesterday’s commute, I saw five! The idiots are still out there.

  6. Let’s just pretend that the face nappies really work. They effectively trap viruses and other harmful things such as bacteria and spores.

    Doesn’t it follow that the millions of discarded, dropped and lost masks are a dangerous biohazard?

    The fact that the authorities do not treat them as such tells us all we need to know.

    • Well, if masks were to actually stop viruses, they would be full of them , yet the idiots are touching them with their hands all the time without once washing their hands. They then proceed to touch everything…this level of ignorant stupidity is depressing, especially when some family members, who should know better, do it as well.

  7. “high fever, cough, blocked or runny nose, loss of taste or smell, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue”

    I’ve got half of the symptoms, maybe I need half a jab . . .

  8. When I was at the immigration channel at Edinburgh Airport on Thursday there were about 2,000 people in the monstrous queue winding back and forth.

    Maybe 6 had face nappies. I know it’s a Japanese thing, because there is some superstition over touching your nose or whatever, but these were all Westerners.

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