Lynne Pinches Trophy

Lynne Pinches was the female pool player who refused to compete against a trans player and forfeited the match. It seems that she has some support.

Twelve days later, on November 26, the English player got her deserved prize and applause from her fellow pool players:

If women are going to refuse to compete, which is the only way this nonsense will ever be stopped, then they need to know that they are being backed. The cheers in the room at the time told her that she wasn’t alone. This latest gesture does it again.

“Because you DID win,” responded Joelle Trieste

She was the last woman standing in a women’s event, so, yes, she did win.


  1. In complete agreement with you on this. Good on Lynne for her stand and for her club in recognising what she did.

  2. I think the Overton window has a tendency to gently slide leftwards,over decades. History repeatedly shows us this. Eventually it reaches a point where even the most docile of citizens (subjects, actually) have had enough of the insanity and rather than a gentle correction, a rapid snap back to the right, way past centre ground, occurs

    Mob mentality is a real phenomenon, as is evidenced by the current fad for “changing” sex, and when it becomes not only acceptable but desirable, and eventually compulsory, to espouse right wing views, right wing actions will follow.

    I know I’m repeating myself, but civil unrest on an unprecedented scale is inevitable now. I would not be remotely surprised to see military-enforced curfews, road blocks, travel bans, exclusion zones etc, etc, couple with mass rioting and looting.

    I can see no other outcome.

      • Same here. Societies ability to just ignore things is well above what I would have anticipated.

        By the time it does kick off I’ll be too old or dead.

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