I’ve never heard of these people, but I received a letter from them. Apparently they are doing research for Google. It’s called screenwise if you are interested. Anyway, this research is by invite. I am supposed to log into their website and have an interview, whereupon they put a meter on my television and router.

Firstly, that’s not going to work as I don’t have a television, so we have fallen at the halfway point. Then there’s the issue of me being an awkward bugger who never engages in any market research or surveys even to the point of telling the ONS and the NHS to do one when they tried.

Then there’s the matter of Google. This is a company that had the tagline of ‘don’t be evil,’ when it started out. Now it is the epitome of evil. Why would I lift a finger to help the Devil? Indeed, I actively avoid using Google wherever I can. The problem is that it has tentacles everywhere. When my Android phone reaches the end of its life, I will think about what to do next. I really don’t like Apple very much either, but I might find myself switching because they are the lesser evil right now. And, no, I’m not messing about flashing my phone. Knowing me, I’d end up with an expensive paperweight.

Still, Google and Kantar can both take a hike.

Edited to add: Fucking Hellski!


  1. Why would you sign up to having your phone monitored, are they offering to pay you? Why would you need to when it’s getting monitored all the time anyway?

  2. I had debate with myself recently. I decided to go ahead with my purchase of a new Android phone from (dun dun duh) Google itself since it most closely matched my requirements. Plus I dislike the Apple control and computing environment.

    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good I told myself.

  3. I’m considering an ” Above Phone”
    when my android gives up the ghost ( which will be battery as its non-changeable)

  4. You could always share your secrets with China and get a Huawei.
    Which sounds strangely like Who Are We? I got one before all the Whohaa about China evesdropping. Good luck with my secrets. Some poor person is following my boring life. I think that Huawei split from Android because China was listening in to The Big Man. Maybe his Chinese employers warned him.

  5. I think I would prefer China listening to my calls. They aren’t going to persecute me for some forbidden words or hate speech.

    Funny how all the laws brought in to counter foreign bad guys always seem to be used against us. Same with cameras, they catch us littering or speeding but always seem to be turned off or broken when it comes to something where they would be of use.

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