Hello, Cat, Meet the Pigeons

I mean, what did they expect?

A charity shop in North Yorkshire has caused a stir amongst local residents after putting a golliwog doll up for sale in its window for £4.50.

The teddy, considered by many to be a racist caricature of black people, was first spotted by shoppers in the window of Preloved, in Skipton, on Wednesday.

It was removed on the following Friday, as some residents labelled the display as ‘disgusting’ and vile’.

However, it is still understood to be for sale for £4.50 inside the store, which raises money for Cancer Support Yorkshire.

Resident Anne, a retired carer, said: ‘I was tempted to buy it just to remove it.

‘I don’t think they [the shop owners] understood the concept of it. I think I might go back and buy it just to stop it being displayed.’

There’s nothing wrong with them, of course, but the perpetually offended will get triggered by such things, and this one has happened before and the results are both tedious and predictable. Mind you, if you have the time and energy to get into a tizzy about a golliwog, then there isn’t much going on in your life.

I’m pretty sure I have some Robertson’s golliwog miniatures in my attic somewhere. Obviously that makes me racist, innit?


  1. If I was in the area, I might buy it for 10 times the price on the proviso it stays in the shop window with an “on loan from the international Golliwog foundation” label next to it. I’m with you LR, the offended need to be kept offended, good and hard.

  2. “…considered by many to be a racist caricature of black people.”

    Well technically that part is correct, but really, apart from the permanently offended, who bloody cares? These people make their problem worse by drawing attention to it.

  3. “The teddy, considered by many to be a racist caricature”
    Should read “The teddy, considered by a few racists to be a racist caricature”

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