Trans patients are now getting a ‘grotesque’ new surgery to give them a combined penis and vagina.

So-called ‘phalginas’, a term made of the words phallus and vagina, are offered by multiple clinics in the US for ‘non-binary’ patients.

Britons also claim to have been in discussions with UK surgeons about undergoing the procedure, although none are known to have actually had it.

Traditionally, trans men and women wanting affirming surgery are given the option of an op to alter or remove their original genitals and have new ones crafted.

But the phalgina does away with this ‘binary’ option, and instead gives patients the chance to have both.

Good Lord! Words fail me. It’s bad enough that people are sufficiently mentally disturbed to want this kind of procedure, but that a medical professional should actually carry it out. Fuck me!

Critics have labelled such ops as ‘grotesque surgical experiments’ or something akin to what would be performed in ‘Frankenstein’s lab’.

Well, yes.

Advocates, however, say such procedures – usually sold for upwards of £10,000 – help people with ‘unique’ non-binary gender identities finally get the body they want, improving their mental health.

That’s what psychiatrists are for.

Next these freaks will be complaining because sane people won’t date them.


  1. A combined penis and vagina.

    Isn’t that called a fuck?

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it but I wouldn’t recommend anybody does. Looks like fucking cancer!

    Reminds me though. I must get hellraiser on DVD.

    • Oh, yes, I know all about him. Oddly, they still use his experiments as validation for their twisted claims, despite those experiments proving precisely the opposite.

  2. Just when you think these people cannot get any weirder they somehow seem to manage it.

    Not exactly religious, but does seem like this lot are evil and the end times are not far off.

    • If you have a good trawl through the book of Revelation I’m sure you will be able to find something that refers to this kind of thing. It’s so jam packed with bizarre psychedelic imagery that you will probably find something that fits. If not, try Ezekiel that certainly has a bit about big willies in it so it might be in there.

    • Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat (Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad).
      Western “civilisation is well on the way to being insane. As you say, the end times can’t be far behind unless we quickly come to our senses.

  3. ’Well, yes.’

    Bit harsh on poor old Dr F there. At least he wanted to create a monster in man’s image, not this sort of bizarre freak.

  4. Some people have heavy tattooing, some multiple piercings. I do not care what people do to themselves. I don’t even think that the State should earnestly warn people about something they may later regret.

    I’ll tolerate their choices, but I won’t respect their choices.

    • There’s that ‘do no harm’ thing though. People may want to do all sorts of things to their bodies, but any medical practitioner who enables them is betraying their medical ethics.

  5. Since the underlying problem is in the patient’s head, aren’t they operating on the wrong end of the torso?

  6. “improving their mental health”

    Any actual evidence to back up that assertion?

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