Reality, more like.

Donald Trump has claimed that London is “unrecognisable” because it has “opened its doors to jihad” in a bizarre rally speech.

The former president ranted about pro-Palestine college protests and the idea of letting Palestinian refugees into the country from war-torn Gaza, before declaring that he would “never let” America become unrecognisable as he claims London and Paris have become.

“We’ve seen what happened when Europe opened their doors to jihad,” he told his supporters at the event. “Look at Paris, look at London – they’re no longer recognisable,” he said offering no evidence whatsover for his wild statements.

No evidence? Wild statements? Try travelling to London, you fuckwit. I stopped going there when I gave up my Network Rail work and nothing would persuade me to return. I have no desire to travel to the Middle East and that includes London these days. Even by the time I called it a day about four years ago, the place was unrecognisable from the place may parents grew up in. White flight is a real thing and the entre of the city is now a sea of brown faces and Islamic dress. And is this cretin trying to claim that the weekly Palestine protests and calls for global intifada aren’t happening?

London is a  lost city. It has been captured by the Islamists and Donald Trump is merely observing the facts as anyone who has open eyes can observe for themselves. Unless you are a journalist, of course then any old fantasy will do.


  1. Trump’s not been to Bradford then? It got there a decade or more before London and Paris.
    There’s a campaign to replace the ‘Welcome to Bradford’ signs at its boundaries with ones saying ‘Bradford, you’re welcome to it’.

  2. A couple of years ago l went to London via the north circular for the first time in 2 decades. Might as well have been Mogadishu – complete shithole with black daleks pushing prams everywhere.
    Apart from a visit to Brooklands this summer l’ve no plans to ever go inside the M25 again. In fact, l wouldn’t be against the people from there needing a visa to visit the rest of Britain (providing they are free of the brain worm which seems to be endemic there).

  3. I live in London and in the past the idea that the police would tell people to not walk in an area because they look Jewish was a joke.

  4. It has turned into a turd world shithole in my lifetime; no longer the city I grew up in. I left eight years ago.

  5. If you Google the author the you get this on LinkedIn


    Really needs no explanation. If Reality doesn’t conform to her expectations of the world and London as A 1960s Coke commercial it is reality which requires redefinition, not her worldview. Besides which, the Independent? Scarcely useful even in the capacity of a chip wrapper.

    • The ‘accurate and trustworthy’ was an amusing touch. The she/her pronouns are just a massive red flag. Avoid at all costs.

  6. My work had me driving car transporters all round central and greater London in the 90s especially but also the decades either side, loved every minute despite the traffic and the bonus was the fairer sex typically looked delightful whenever they got the chance, which they’re wary of doing now for reasons.

    The furthest i go in now is Park Royal, Enfield, Dagenham, Southall, all for work, you’ll never find me inside the M25 again other than for work and soon as its done ahm oot.

    They hate anyone who tells things how they are, Trump doing so sends them into a frenzy.

  7. There’s none so blind as he who will not see.

    Hamas and Hezbollah: How Iran Is Secretly Infiltrating Europe

    Hezbollah has its own organization in Europe. According to a 2022 report by Europol:

    “The network of collaborators built by Hezbollah in the EU is suspected of managing the transportation and distribution of illegal drugs into the EU, dealing with firearms trafficking and running professional money laundering operations.”

    Hezbollah has been active in Europe for quite a while. In 2012, the terrorist network bombed a bus transporting Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria, killing six people and wounding dozens of others. In Germany, there are around 1,250 Hezbollah members.

    If anything, by limiting his criticism to London and Paris, DJT is understating the problem.

  8. I thought it was a shithole the last time I went there, which was some 40 odd years ago…

  9. The Graun has been reporting on some of the outrageous things that Reform candidates have been saying. Stuff that is mostly quite obviously true to anyone not a lefty from opposite world.

  10. Mare Khan has made London into an absolute disaster area.

    I used to spend my whole working days in and around the place, and will never ever revisit as my money and goodwill will certainly go elsewhere.

  11. We’ve been here before. If I remember correctly, Trump made some remarks in about 2015 to the effect that there were some “no-go” areas of London the police would only go into in considerable strength. So, the BBC interviewed someone from the Met Police to debunk it. The interview went along the lines of “pooh-pooh … pooh-pooh … mind you there are one or two areas I would stay out of if I didn’t have plenty of backup”. The interview terminated there.

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