Um… No

Natural is better.

Marks & Spencer will tomorrow introduce its first ‘bottom enhancing pants’ – a little like a Wonder Bra for the rear, the £15 pair of shorts promise to help replenish what time and plummeting oestrogen levels took away.

These pants are not just intended to give you a bigger bottom — because let’s face it, certain niche, millionaire reality TV stars aside, who wants one of those? — but a more youthful one, by enhancing and ‘boosting’ the buttocks, making them appear higher and rounder.

Frankly, it just looks fake. Grow old gracefully.


  1. “Grow old gracefully.”

    Having spent a lot of time around women who do distance running I can verify that saggy bottoms are not inevitable as one gets older. I’ve seen middle aged women who look like teenagers from behind.

    • I’d put that into growing old gracefully. I don’t mean giving up, I mean look after yourself, but accept the signs of aging with some dignity.

      • Yes, you need to accept that all you can do is to try to go downhill a little more slowly. Then again there is an 86 year old swimmer at the gym who holds several British age group records. I’m a pretty good swimmer but I can’t beat him on a 25 metre sprint.

  2. Bottom enhancing? I’m reminded of Kenny Everett’s parody of Rod Stewart doing Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

  3. When will M&S introduce the bulging crotch slacks for men? Asking for a friend.

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