Court Islam

Get Islam.

The Green Party has confirmed it is investigating one of their new councillors after they were filmed shouting “Allahu Akbar!” and pledging that his win was “a win for the people of Gaza”.

The Green Party’s election victories have now turned sour, after the Government’s independent antisemitism advisor was forced to intervene over concerns about some of the party’s new councillors.

While the party found itself a major beneficiary of discontent towards Labour’s Israel stance, particularly in Muslim areas, it has now emerged that one of their new Leeds councillors was involved in the harassment of a Jewish university chaplain driven from his home.

In February, Mr Ali created a video branding the Jewish Rabbi a “creep”, “a kind of animal”, an “absolute low-life”, “absolutely disgusting” and “shameful”, as well as falsely claiming he had attempted to “kill women and children” in Gaza.

Presumably it never occurred to them to do any vetting beforehand?

This morning a party spokesman finally broke silence and confirmed they are investigating their new elected representative.

They said: “The Green Party is investigating issues drawn to our attention in relation to Councillor Mothin Ali, so cannot comment further. However, we are clear that we never support anything that extols violence”.

The Green Party’s co-leader Carla Denyer has described her new councillor’s comments as “very concerning”.

It’s a bit late for that.

Another Green councillor, Imtiaz Ali, had previously described Zionists as “common thieves. Willing to massacre thousands”. He was deselected by Labour after accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

Oh dear, Labour’s cast offs. That’s bad. Very bad. Still, if it eats into the Labour vote at the GE, maybe not so bad after all.


  1. Duh! What colour is associated with Islam?
    Muhammad’s ,mpbah, favourite colour.
    What should be done with the non-beleivers? Coincidence?

  2. The slow infiltration of the Water Melon Party (green on the outside, red on the inside), is just one of the tactics of Mo’s Morons, having noticed it’s success in influencing the policies of the Labour Party. Galloway’s No Intention of Working If You’re a Palestinian Supporter Party is only fanning the flames of the aims of islamist domination.
    It seems that life will only be great if you’re a supporter of a murderous, hypocritical, paedophilic, slaver.

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