This is how you deal with these petulant spoiled children.

Birmingham has become the first British university to threaten students with arrest or legal action if they do not shut down their American-style, anti-Israel encampment.

The university’s director of legal services has accused those taking part in the protests of trespass and demanded they leave immediately.

The letter written by Dr Nicola Cardenos Blanco was handed to students on Friday, less than 24 hours after the ‘solidarity’ demo was set up at the university’s main campus in Edgbaston.

This is not legitimate protest, is it trespass on private property. They have no right whatsoever to demand that the university do anything. The Israel/Palestine conflict is not a matter for the university. They are there to learn, not to make demands and not to drag their puerile politics into the classroom. If they cannot accept this, then they should be expelled. It is good to see someone finally standing up to these brats.

Student activists at universities across the country have vowed to sleep in tents on private university property until authorities agree to their long list of demands, which includes condemning ‘genocide’ in Gaza and pledging scholarships to Palestinians.

The only answer to this must be ‘no’ and mean it. If you give in to demands, there will always be more, so you stand your ground and tell them to fuck off. If they won’t fuck off, expel them with extreme prejudice.

Jewish and Israeli students have repeatedly stressed that they feel ‘threatened’ and ‘terrified’ by the encampments, which they claim are pro-war and pro-violence.

They claim that calls for ‘Intifada’ which translates to uprising and chants like ‘From the river to the sea’ are implicitly violent and call for the deaths of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

Implicitly? I’d say it was pretty explicit, frankly. They are either evil antisemitic scum or useful idiots – but antisemites either way.


  1. Idiots is the best description, not sure about them being useful. Totally ignorant of the pertinent facts and having no desire to find out. Condemning genocide while calling for genocide needs a special level of obtuse stupidity.

    • Of course. We all know what’s driving this. Like animal rights protesters at fox hunts, they aren’t there for love of the fox, but for hatred of the huntsmen.

  2. If you regard these encampments as an art installation or performance art then the political ignorance and emotional narcissism of the ‘actors’ is far more understandable. Look at me! Look at me!

  3. Of course these silly narcissists should be dealt with firmly but I’m puzzled as to why Birmingham’s Director of Legal Services has threatened to report the trespass to law enforcement officers when trespass has always been a civil rather than criminal matter. I expect others here know that the sign ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’ is nonsense.

    • Thank you. I didn’t know about that. I see the offence is a recent 2022 creation.

  4. “Don’t want to ruin your morning … ”

    Could be a good investment opportunity there. Buying new motorbikes and storing them to sell at a premium when new ones are no longer available.

    Not that I think it will happen in my lifetime.

  5. These idiot students don’t realise that in a few years time when most of them have grown up and are looking for well-paid jobs their prospective employers will be looking at their social media history. They are all slaves to selfies taken in front of banners saying BLM or JSO or From the River to the Sea etc.
    Next candidate please!!

  6. Well said LR. Personally I stand with Israel. Islamic terrorism must be defeated in my opinion.

  7. OT

    More lowcost fun, freedom, practicality and happiness to be banned. More expense, tyranny and potentially fatal fires instead

    Petrol motorcycles set to be banned from 2040

    The change would also be accompanied by a plan to ban sales of new petrol-fuelled mopeds earlier, from 2030, under proposed green crackdown

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