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February 6, 2014 Longrider 10

Do you remember this economically illiterate moron? Well, it seems he isn’t the only one. A father’s impassioned Facebook rant over the price hike for […]

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Bad Idea of the Day

January 22, 2014 Longrider 13

Oh, my, this is such a dreadful idea, I’m amazed it saw the light of day rather then being stifled somewhere between brain and mouth. […]

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Speak For Yourself

December 31, 2013 Longrider 7

I usually ignore Polly Toynbee, such asinine drivel does she write However, I can’t let this claptrap pass by without comment. But don’t forget that politicians […]

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Pandering to Superstition

December 23, 2013 Longrider 3

The Quiet Man has also commented upon this idiocy. As a secular business we have an inclusive policy that welcomes all religious beliefs, whether across […]

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Well, Yes…

September 25, 2013 Longrider 24

Anyone with half a functioning brain cell (which is half a functioning brain cell more than the Milipede) knows that Ed Miliband is an economically […]