Presumed Consent – Again

I see that our sociopathic PM thinks that the state should own our internal organs, following on from Liam Donaldson last year:

Government advisers have recommended a radical overhaul of the UK organ donor network in a bid to double the number of organs available for transplant.

By recruiting twice as many transplant coordinators and creating 24-hour organ retrieval teams they hope to emulate Spain’s successful model.

Okay, so far, so good. I don’t have a problem with any of this.

A system of “presumed consent” in which everyone is a potential donor unless they opt out is also being considered.

Gordon Brown has backed the opt-out idea, which is still under discussion.

No! No! No! My consent may not be assumed. You want bits of my body after I’m dead – you bloody well ask me, or, if I’m dead by that point, you ask my next of kin. You do not assume anything you thieving turds.

Let me make this absolutely clear; at the moment, should they ask, I, or my wife, will consent. If they go ahead with assuming my consent, I will be opting out. My body is not the property of the state to do with as it wishes and my consent for anything may not be assumed by anyone.


Update: This, from Samizdata:

I, Perry Anthony de Havilland, hereby declare that in the event I die and my body comes into the possession of the State, under no circumstances whatsoever may the State, in the form of the National Health Service or any other component of the State, harvest my organs on the grounds of implied consent. I explicitly and absolutely refuse consent for my organs to be harvested.

This is because the State’s plan to assume default ownership of my mortal remains is wholly and monstrously unacceptable. I reject the claim of the State to own my body just as I reject the legitimacy of its various claims to own my person whilst I am alive. Consent to harvest my organs for medical purposes may, however, be granted (or refused) by my designated next of kin, and no one else.

Yes, exactly. Add my name to that sentiment.