Sinister Eco-Loonies Target Children

Via Mac the Knife, this excellent article from Lee Jones over at Spiked. There ought to be a health warning for those with weak hearts, though.

‘Imagine if every child in the country channelled their Pester Power in service of the Glorious Green Future.’

So says James Russell in his recent book How to Turn Your Parents Green. And he’s far from alone in his musings. npower, a large British electriciy supplier, have also been envisaging a world in which kids, renamed Climate Cops, are instructed to ferret out ‘climate crimes’ in their homes, schools and cities and report them to the authorities, that is, in Russell’s words, to ‘nag, pester, bug, torment and punish the people who are merrily wrecking [their] world’, fining ‘transgressors’ for non-compliance with green orthodoxy.

Do go and read it all (and weep) – then keep a close eye on your kids…


  1. This is doubtless the most effective way to send a message to the likes of nPower – providing one is a customer. I’m not. I took exception to being nagged at the doorstep by their sales people and made a decision to never use them on that basis.

  2. It’s utterly sickening. Wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. I really am beginning to hate these people. Welcome back LR, nice to see you pounding the keys again…

  3. Year Zero apperoaches!

    Sometimes I am so pleased I will not be bringing any more poor sods into this world, even if I do occasionally regret not getting to hear someone say “dadda” for the first time. Still, I can try and set them straight when they get here to university…:)

  4. ‘No, I don’t. It isn’t showing up as a cached gravatar. I’ve no idea why’

    So this isn’t an ongoing conspiracy to depict me as a French girl with tricolor lips then?

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