There is no such thing as “fair share of tax”. There is tax owed as decreed by law and there is other peoples money –  which is not owned by the state and they have no right demanding that it be handed over.

Nick Clegg raised the controversy over Google’s tax affairs directly with the internet giant’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, at a meeting in Downing Street this week, the deputy prime minister has revealed.

News of his intervention came as the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, told Schmidt at a conference: “When Google goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid paying its taxes, I say it’s wrong.”

God! But I despise these scumbags. It is not wrong, it is right –  it is very, very right. It is Schmidt’s duty as Chairman to minimise his company’s exposure to tax. He wouldn’t be doing his job properly if he didn’t. Google pays what is due under the law. If these cretins don’t like it, then change the law. Google does not owe a “fair share” it owes what the law says it owes and not a penny piece more. That there are avoidance loopholes is not a matter for Google to sort out, it is a matter for the cretins who made the law in the first place. The Google management is responsible to the company’s shareholders, not intellectual pygmies such as Clegg and Miliband who will merely piss it up the wall, lining the pockets of their fat cat cronies in the NGOs, fake charities, quangos and the makers of inane public information films. Google is responsible when it keeps as much money out of their venal, grasping avaricious claws as it can. That is paying a fair share, frankly.

As for the morons who bray like donkeys for organisations to pay more tax in response to this fucking idiocy, may I remind them that companies do not pay tax –  people do. If Google allows these thieves, charlatans and popinjays to extort more revenue from them, then that revenue will be taken from money that would otherwise go to shareholders, suppliers, clients and employees. That is, when large organisations “pay their fair share” it is you and I who have to dig deeper into our wallets to fund the largesse of politicians who think our money is their money to give to their friends and co-conspirators in the third sector and the public sector. These people are criminals and should be treated as such. Scum, the lot of them.


  1. Do any of the assembled idiots calling on Google, Apple etc to pay more tax pay extra themselves? Thought not. Do they not claim every allowable expense to minimise their tax payments? Thought so.

  2. You are absobloominglutely spot on!

    All these companies are paying the taxes which the law demands, if they were doing otherwise then no doubt hmrc would have them on the rack.

    If the politicians do not like it then they should change the law. Hang on, if they did they would also have to change the law on charities and family trusts which enable them to pay less tax, so perhaps not …

    And whilst we are on the subject of taxes, have a look at where the VAT is accounted for on their UK sales!

  3. Well said. If these politicians think they should pay more tax, then why haven’t they changed the law so that they have to? It was the same with the Jimmy Carr business, everyone having a go at him yet he hadn’t done anything illegal.

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