In Which I Agree With Tim

On the matter of political donations. Labour are according to the Torygraph, planning a raid on the taxpayer’s wallet (again).

The Labour manifesto at the 2015 general election is expected to include a pledge to “take the big money out of politics”, despite the fact that they have not reached agreement on the issue with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

I’m perfectly happy if they want to take the big money out of politics. It’s not as if we get any value from politicians, after all.

Any plans for state funding have not been drawn up, but could be modelled on a blueprint by the independent Committee on Standards on Public Life, which proposed parties be recompensed for a donations cap with £23m a year of public money.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

I do not give money to political parties. I do not do so because they are all scumbags who steal our money to keep themselves their acolytes, hangers on, fake charities and quangos in their lavish lifestyles while interfering in my life and undermining my personal liberty. If I felt that any of them was worth a sous of my money, I would give it voluntarily. I do not do so and I do not do so very deliberately. I wouldn’t even waste the phlegm to spit upon them, such vile spivs, jackanapes, poltroons, mountebanks and charlatans are they all.

So, because they want to cease the “big money in politics” game as if that will in some way, make a sewer appear clean, they want to steal even more of my money, to undermine my very deliberate decision not to fund them. My answer to which is that they can fuck right off and right soon. If they cannot afford to campaign, then they do as the rest of us do when we cannot afford something – go without.

Or, as Tim says:

It’s bad enough that the weasel felchers get to spend 50% of all our money. Having to pay them to campaign to get the job of spending 50% of all our money is a step too far.

If they cannot raise the money they need or desire by voluntary means then bugger ‘em.

Exactly. They have suffered falling numbers in recent years. If that means they go out of business, good riddance to bad rubbish. Scum, the lot of them.


  1. “So, because they want to cease the “big money in politics” game as if that will in some way, make a sewer appear clean”

    They always have believed that one can pick up a turd by the clean end. Problem is, the sheeple will believe it too.

  2. In days gone by, such extortionate theft would often end up with the perpetrators’ heads on poles just outside the city gates…

    Ah! The good old days…

  3. I’d be willing to bet that this proposed funding from public money (i.e. ours – there’s no such thing as “public money”) would all go to the three major parties, tilting the playing field even more in their favour relative to small parties and independents.

  4. Indeed, just like the “debates” on the BBC at the last GE only included those 3 parties. Which I thought was a scandal of epic proportion by the way.

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