One Small Step

In the right direction.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he has a “great deal of sympathy” with patients who do not want to be treated by a doctor or nurse wearing a full-face veil.

Mr Hunt said if he was a patient he would prefer his doctor or nurse’s face to be visible, but insisted the matter was one for professionals rather than politicians to address.

Indeed. And when the first patient to object to a doctor treating them while wearing the veil has the nerve to do so, I expect those professionals, politicians and courts to back them to the hilt.

His comments came after a ban on staff wearing the full-face veil when dealing with patients was secretly introduced by17 NHS hospitals, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The hospitals “quietly” introduced a ban on front line staff wearing a niqab whilst in contact with patients, an investigation led by the newspaper claims.

Actually, I don’t have a problem with this. And, no it doesn’t make my stance inconsistent. Indeed, I remain entirely consistent in all of this. It is not the place of the state to impose bans, but if an employer does, well, their gaff, their rules apply. And dress codes fall within an employer’s responsibility. In the case of a hospital, banning the veil as part of their dress code makes sense. Patients are likely to object to talking to someone whose face they cannot see – and the patient is, after all, the customer and their needs should come first. The only thing that irks me is that they felt the need to keep it secret. They should not and the sooner we get used to objecting to the Islamification of the UK and making our voices heard, the better for everyone. This is how to deal with the veil and the misogyny that it represents.

Asked whether patients have the right to demand not to be treated by a doctor or nurse wearing a veil, Mr Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “They have the right to say that and I have a great deal of sympathy for that, but I do think this should be a professional matter and not a political matter, and that’s why I think the people who should be pronouncing on this are the body responsible for professional standards and not the politicians.”

Good answer. And if I ever find myself in that position, I will demand that the doctor concerned either remove the veil before speaking to me or hand over to someone whose face I can see. This is England, not some middle eastern shit-hole.


  1. Funny I picked this exact story to talk about today, although I just posted the article to my Google + page rather than actually Blogging about it, but here is what my caption said.
    “Hear hear If I walked into a hospital or Doctors surgery and was confronted by a doctor or a nurse in a veil I would ask to be treated by someone else. I am a people person and like to see the expressions of the person I communicate with, the facial covering impeded proper interaction and communication.”

    • Around 75% of our communication is non verbal. Given that patent doctor communication is likely to be important, demanding the removal of impediments to that communication is perfectly reasonable.

      • Similarly, I can see a situation developing where a niq?bi insists on wearing a garment even when dealing with disabled people who already have problems misunderstanding communication. So disabled people will have to suffer because of Islamist aggressive intransigence.

        • That is a really good point paul, my husband has some serious mental health issues one of these is Muslim / dark skin related, he can’t even see an ethnic doctor without having a nuclear meltdown, he suffers from schizophrenia, this is a real and genuine phobia and not in anyway racism, however 99% of muslims would not see it this way .
          It can cause some problems although fortunately his mental health professionals and his key worker are excellent, but when he broke his spine and it was emergency treatment it really was exceedingly difficult, even more so as that was before we were together and he was totally alone (he finds it much easier to deal with now I deal with everyone directly for him).
          I agree why should people with these sort of issues be affected by Islamist intransigence.

  2. XX Asked whether patients have the right to demand not to be treated by a doctor or nurse wearing a veil, Mr Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “They have the right to say that ….XX

    Aye. Call me cynical, which is the way I was born, but which “hand” wins in the first “Discrmination” court case?

    The Patient, or the Sand nigger who claims the patient was being “racist” (WHAT RACE IS MUSLIM?).

    Leads to another question. Our local Clinic, which has around a hundred Doctors, from G.Ps to dentists, and everything in-between, has a chemist shop attached.

    Most of the staff are human, but a few wear bin bags.

    (Which, for Tempelhof-Schöneberg, is rather suprising. One would expect them ALL to be wearing the old black sack.)

    Now a chemist can not refuse to serve a bin bag. But what would the law say if a customer refused to be SERVED by one?

      • The best way to do that would be to tell the manager of the problem, and if he insisted on supporting the woman wearing the headbag, simply refuse to do business with them again.

        A chemist can refuse to serve a black postbox if he runs the store or has authorisation not to serve anyone in masks (without the commonplace exemption for Islamic masks).

        • well seeing as I have had Pharmacists refuse to sell me a perfectly legal over the counter cough mixture, and had the Spanish inquisition when purchasing same aforementioned. I think Patients have a right to say stuff you i’m off elsewhere and thats what I did. I now refuse to use the Nazi pharmacies in any Boots.
          My argument I am a fucking customer and they are not my GP , I have never signed any contract with them to make them guardians of my health so how dare they tell me what I can and can’t buy, i’m bloody 48 not a child.
          I can vouchsafe that pharmacist will refuse to serve you for a plethora of stupid reasons, so why should we not refuse to be served by a woman in a bin liner even if 99% of the time it does actually enhance their appearance. 😉

  3. Wearing a veil is political.

    It says “I don’t share your values, I despise your culture and my cult is determined to achieve world domination”.

    However our politicians wear invisible veils that cover their eyes and ears and they are unable to see or hear this.

  4. Personally, I would simply treat it as a secular issue. No masks in hospitals, government offices, post offices or airports. If supermarkets, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres want to enforce a ban on dressing like the Ku Klux Klan in black, they should be completely supported in doing so.

  5. You is all white folk. Everyone knows that all white folks is racist. This is why you should move over and let non-whites rule for a change. We will show you how to be total non-racist. Everyone knows that non-whites are not racist ‘cos we cannot be racist. Simples. If our wimmin-folk want to wear a veil, that is their right – AND YOU CANNOT TAKE IT AWAY, ‘COS YOU IS RACIST!

      • exactly paul there is a massive difference, between consultation, where someone is explaining your condition to you and and an Operation where generally speaking you would be out like a light and not in a position to care if the surgeon was dressed as a wombat.
        Hygiene and “religious reasons” are not comparable.

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